In Which Aprim Gets Huffy

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Posted by panch from ? ( on Thursday, September 05, 2002 at 0:10AM :

>The person who had replied to Hanna Hajjar's post titled "Assyrian Brand Name products" is an imposter. I did not post that response.
>Someone is really sick out there and I guess we know who it is:-)
>Fred Aprim

+++Oh calm down...jeez, you'd think you were a big deal or something. It's funny you know...I can impersonate you guys no sweat...but when you try to impersonate never sounds right... why is that? are an imposter yourself...for a year now you've been demanding "papers" from Chaldeans...when all along you can't prove you are an Assyrian. do we know you are an Assyrian?

Another thing...a while back you pretended to have some damaging information about what I do with my children...and you said if I wasn't careful you would divulge it on these forum thingies. That proves you can't be Assyrian...they never did such things...never went after a man's children because they couldn't handle the man himself.

As I remember you kept your mouth shut...probably because I opined that whatever information you had it couldn't be any more embarrassing than the time you and I were caught French Kissing in the toilet at the Greyhound Bus terminal. The next day after I posted that you wisely decided to go to Lebanon, to write a book, or threatended to...can't remember which. In fact you pretended to us that you weren't going to bother with us any more because we didn't "appreciate" you.

So...Fred...whom is impersonating whom and what. I think I did you better than you do you.

-- panch
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