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Posted by panch from ? ( on Thursday, September 05, 2002 at 11:07AM :

We are supposed to be upset over 5000 Assyrians, innocent civillians who never did anything to anybody...who were killed, massacred, murdered, martyred...take your choice...70 years ago in Simele, by the brutal, murderous, insane Iraqi Muslim government. Have I got it right?

While in the last 14 years, with all sorts of international verification, at least 600,000 Iraqi children...just children, not their parents or uncles and aunts and grandparents...have died as a result of American and British imposed Sanctions, in a country that recently had the lowest infant mortality rate in all the MidEast...not from the usual causes but from the direct impact of Sanctions...all the while this same United States has been allowing Saddam to maintain his oil fields and sell them oil...and, as maybe at least 5% of the total population of Iraq,...we Assyrians can claim at least 30,000 of those dead children as our own "darling" Assyrian babies and children and teens...killed as a direct result of United States Sanctions...and this is NOT a brutal act of murder, killing, massacre or martyrdom? And these are NOT innocent children but ones we suspect of supporting Saddam...have I got THAT right?

We know, the whole world knows, that Saddam was and is still an ally of the United States, just like the several other thugs we've done business with who agree to take the "blame"...occupy the limelight...so the United States can claim to be inncoent and "shocked"...and want a "regime change"...and the rest of it.

And you will blame THIS on the victims...say it is the fault of the Iraqi people, and the Assyrian children of Iraq that this has happened to them. How come YOU can blame dead Assyrian children...accuse them of being responsible for their own deaths and masscre and martyrdom...when I can't suggest that we bore some responsibility for what happened in Simele...and will happen and has been happening for 14 years? Why...because I accuse a Christian nation and your "love" for Assyria is confined to a virulent hatred of Muslims?

Are YOU agents of the United States and the Oil Cartels and the CIA and the Defense Business? Are they paying YOU to sell-out those 30,000 children and their parents...ruin the ruins and create new ones? No...you can't be...you do this stuff for free because you think there will be a reward in it for you...it's in your background...you know, the thirty pieces of silver without which "your" Lord couldn't have been killed for YOUR sakes? And do you long for the destruction of Iraq so that it can be "reborn"..."Oh Hallelujah Brothers and Sisters and AMEN!!!" Is Iraq supposed to be killed that you may live in peace. Well, R.I.P, patriots and lovers of Assyria.

-- panch
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