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Posted by panch from ? ( on Thursday, September 05, 2002 at 11:17AM :

If you are reading here...and the BEST people are...let me know what you need me to say to help you in YOUR legal action. I've gotten good at providing people with rope...for their own hanging.

I WANT to publicize these things...that I am a good sculptor...that I am an Assyrian...that Assyrians haven't minded paying a fair price for my work...that American venues accept my work...and now that an American gallery wants my Assyrian sculptures (something that, I am ashamed to admit, surprised me)...that there are certain Assyrians who want to keep us a "poor Nayshun" all our lives so they can "dabble" at Greatness in their spare time...stolen minutes away from the job that REALLY counts, the one you get your German Army Staff cars with and Swiss watches and all the things that REALLY make an Assyrian in His Diapers...and finally...that there are Assyrians, cousins included, who think our artists should be grateful enough to make ANY kind of a sale...that they should be gratefull for ANY amount they receive...that if they make a mistake in calculation it's tough shit for them and an "opportunity" for YOU, and finally...that anytime YOU get around to making the payment, YOU have a god-given right to DEMAND instant delivery because you are YOU, and we artists...well, if we were worth a damn we wouldn't come around trying to sell to Assyrians, now would we?

Just think of me as an Assyrian called "Sue".

-- panch
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