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Posted by Tony zango from ? ( on Thursday, September 05, 2002 at 1:02PM :

In Reply to: You'd Think... posted by panch from ( on Thursday, September 05, 2002 at 8:44AM :

If the current U.S. administration is so concern with Saddam why can't they just take him down unless there are other hidden plans for that parcel of land at work.


Your right, its all about MONEY.

: ...anyone awake at beth would have a comment to make about what Molly Ivins wrote. You'd think these lovers of Assyria would be concerned to note that the United States has virtually enslaved the entire population of Iraq, condemming them to years of brutal treatment...while supplying what is needed for a few Americans to profit...even at the cost of enabling Saddam to finance his Terrordoodles.

: Instead they attack the country some more by claiming that there is no real need for water...or if there is...the only reason the dam is being built where it is is to further destroy OUR RUINS! The United States can kill and starve the children of Iraq, enough of them Assyrians, with impunity and with our own fervent support or indifference...yet the people there must not expect to even have water to wash their starving children with...if it hurts a hair on one stone from any of OUR ruins.

: Then they come around, like vultures for the kill, and say they are ready to participate in the carving up of least they hope it gets carved up...which was the same thing the Christian West did with Turkey... gathering round its empire chomping at the bit to pick up some lands cheap...and they used us back then too...and cared not a bit when we were "so sadly" massacred.

: Is it any wonder they don't much care for this religion of ours? Is it any wonder they don't like the idea that to be Assyrian you HAVE to be Christian...HAVE to be affiliated with the religion that has been piously leading the war effort? The saddest part is that it sours them on Assyrians who don't happen to be Christian.

: Thank Ashur there are Muslim Assyrians to care for the land of Christians have just about loved it to death.

-- Tony zango
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