Shawn Leaves

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Posted by Ghassan Hanna from ( on Thursday, September 05, 2002 at 10:21PM :

At the hearing there was no sign of Shawn. I began to worry he just gave up...or they dropped the whole thing. I was PISSED!!! When we were called to go before the judge, damn!...they found ANOTHER one.

Didn't talk to this one though...he seemed kind of "junior". The new Law Firm had sent me a letter a few days earlier saying they were representing Jackie and her Club, Alphonse and Atour Golani. Now how they are representing him when we can't get him to his front door to accept his summons...I don't understand. The people I am counter-suing have to all be served with legal notification before we can proceed...when I get them served, I have to file a copy that shows they were served legally with the court clerk....not until then do they become a part of the action.

If Atour hides in his house long enough...or gets an operation...he isn't technically or legally part of the people being sued by me. come Jackie's lawyer claim to be representing Atour Golani??? I figure Jackie is anxious to have him share the pain...but to volunteer him? That seems a little excessive...even for Jackie.

Shawn made his bundle...paid his rent and then some. Jackie had to "reveal herself" all over again to a new set of lawyers...and a new set will now take up where old Shawn got off.

I still have to serve a few more of them and then we come back again in six weeks to see if Atour has been found. He doesn't have a garage set up like Lincoln does...Lincoln can get out of bed and take three steps into one of several cars waiting inside the house...zap the door open and he's gone. Atour on the other hand has to run out to get to his car...unless Janey carries him out in a basket of laundry or something.

This whjole thing was stupid from the get go...why would it improve with age?

-- Ghassan Hanna
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