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Posted by panch from ? ( on Friday, September 06, 2002 at 12:28PM :

What is it with people who move to the United States anyway? Especially from the Mideast. No sooner do they get here than they become Americans in the worst sense of the they became White all of a sudden too...and well-off so they have to be Republican or they'll lose out on all the fat cat benefits.

In a recent poll 60% of Americans from the Mideast said they feel less welcome and have been the subjects of racial and ethnic slurs since 9/11. One Pakistani man said his son was called a traitor. yet this man says he loves America and will defend it, "no matter what it takes". That reminds me of the white slogan, "Love It Or Leave It", some years back.

Do Americans think they are a race apart...that they occupy a different time zone and air zone and water zone than the rest of the world? When you become an American are you no longer "of This earth"...have you lifted yourself clear off of it...and completely out of your senses? Ten more attacks like the last one over the next few years will break the bank and the back of this country and have us all killing each other in the streets. We need THEM...what possible good are WE doing them? Exporting Britney Spears???

That had a familiar ring to it...I mean about the Pakistani boy being called a traitor and told to leave. Reminds you of what our own Christian people complain of in the Mideast. If Americans feel so righteously entitled to make war on half the world and ruin their own system of government after ONE attack...imagine how grieved and enraged the Palestinians and Iraqis and other Muslim states must feel after years of constant denigration, theft, meddling and organized violence aimed at their innocent civillians...yet they can't express any rage or frustration...they can't strike back, they can't defend themselves...because THEY aren't justified but WE are.

Do you wonder why we are unpopular back amazes me that they tolerate Christians at all in Iraq, considering that it is "Christian Terrorists" who've been attacking them for years now...amazed that more nuns don't get killed. Look at what happens to a Pakistani boy here after ONE attack..and the numbers of "suspicious" people killed, removed from airpalnes, denied rights all of a sudden and en masse...and languishing in they do in any banana republic.

remeber Simele indeed.

And think about this too...a lot of what drives this is an attempt to win the country back to it's White Anglo Saxon Protestant roots. They wont come out and say it, but by the time they're through...Darkies as a group will be looked upon as potential traitors who deserve "pre-emptive" Christians who now feel "at one" with this nation because it happens to be killing Muslims for you...should consider what kind of country you're helping prepare for your children and grandchildren. What if your descendants decide to embrace their ethnic Assyrian identity, and not simply "revel" in being Christian, hardly a novelty in this country...what if they want to work for it, and build it up and make a place for it...and what if years down the road ethnic minorities are even more put upon and targeted than they are now?

What if you change your name to "Ross", and name your children, "Scot, Jennifer and Justin...only to find that your grandchildren want to go back...back to Sargon and Alli and Firas?

Be careful you don't get what you're wishing for now, ie a country devoted to attacking wont be JUST Islam they'll go after, as most Americans can't be bothered with meaningless "distinctions"...

Being "Christian Too" didn't save some of this just this year. You sure you want this?

-- panch
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