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Posted by panch from pool0156.cvx20-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Saturday, September 07, 2002 at 11:20AM :

What is the difference between Mosul and Nineveh?

Practically nothing, they are exactly the same city, just like Jerusalem and Al-Quds. Although certain ethnic groups prefer to use one over the other, yet they remain as two synonyms.

++++What is the difference between Manhattan now and Manhattan 300 years ago...nothing, the same land...only now it is occupied...try telling New Yorkers to give it back.

We all heard of the Mosul Vilayati in Turkish, or Wilayat Al-Mosul in Arabic (the Mosul Province) now located in northern Iraq. To us Assyrian it is the Nineveh Province, Nineveh Vilayati, or Wilayat Ninawa.

++++To you a noun is a verb...a verb is a garden vegetable...soap is a mystery and on and on...your limitations can't form the basis for policy anywhere.

We are not talking about the current Muhafazat Ninawa, but rather Wilayat Ninawa, which was called as Mosul Vilayati by the Ottomans. That territory, is not Turkish, not Kurdish not Arab, it is Assyrian,

+++No, it is not. It WAS Assyrian and before that it was someone else's. That's why no one gives anything back to anyone...we are ALL theives when you get right down to it. Where would it stop? Who doesn't have a prior claim?

and as long as it is ruled by people other than Assyrians then it is under occupation.

++++No, it isn't. When occupation lasts this long...it is assimilation and nationalization...otherwise known as LIFE...and how it rolls on, unjustly most of the time. If it was a just and fair world lots of things would be different.

Nineveh is our Jerusalem, our holy land,

+++No, no sweet cheeks...Jerusalem is your ONLY holy land...you have a funny way of treating things that are dear to you. Jerusalem gets all your money and "your" Lord was born there. The rest of your money goes to destroy Nineveh...the land of OUR lord.

+++You are a Christian...your lord comes from Israel...remember???

and it is important to use the Athran Kbisho (Our Occupied Homeland) for the Nineveh Provinve until it is liberated...

+++It isn't being liberated, it's being destroyed...but since you believe that "man must die to be born again"...you would naturally want to see Nineveh dead and the people in it...so it could RISE again!

And the men of Nineveh will rise.... thus says the Bible!

+++The bible says no such thing...not in the way you mean it...the last word on Nineveh in the bible is..."Nineveh is laid waste, who shall mourn her?"

+++Not you fella...not you. These are your attempts to have us identify ourselves as enemies to the Muslims...to tell them we expect our lands back and are paying the Christians to go steal them for us...something they aren't going to do. Imagine how well Americans would receive people living among them who advocated that America's enemies come over quickly and "liberate" New York. They would hate you...as the Iraqis should. You want us slaughtered over there just to prove how nasty Islam is...the more dead Assyrians the better you like it. You are so damn low you have no ther hope of entering Nineveh except over the backs of murdered, excuse me, "martyred", Assyrians.

++++And please stop telling us how Assyrian men will "rise"...it is an unpleasant thought. Erect Assyrian men are not my kind of thing.


Out to Lunch

-- panch
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