Can Americans Be Serious?

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Posted by panch from ( on Saturday, September 07, 2002 at 10:01PM :

Do they really think some Muslims woke up one morning, had a cup of tea and decided to hurl themselves at a building, just like that? For no reason whatsoever? What happened to taking resonsibility for our acts? The United States has been acting the part of the bull in a china shop not only round the world, but here at home...and increasingly so in both places.

Are we really going to buy the idea that Islam is inherently evil? cause that's the line they're selling...underneath all the denials. American robber barons need another villain...they started on Islam a while back...and they've worked those people to the edge of madness...and helped tyrants oppres them and fueled and funded their wars against each other...making alliances and betraying "friends"...all the while keeping the moderates at bay...while pushing extremists to the fore...are we all stupid or what?

Saddam has weapons of mass destruction...really? he's about to use them against us and his neighbors? really? Who's been killing people over there in greater numbers than the United States and Israel? Who...Oatar...Iraq...Iran?

This has nothing to do with terrorists or our has everything to do with funneling our hard earned money into the coffers of the same people who just got through stealing a bunch of it from us. They know damn well there is no threat...none but what they can manage to muster up. There isn't anything in it for them to fix the streets or make health care and good schools available to us...they can afford whatever they want 100 times over.

This is what America's real fear of Communism was all about...not fear of Russia or North Korea...but fear that we, the people, would begin to ask ourselves why a CEO type needs to make 2000 times what his employees make...especially when we see he's stealing that money from his own workers and pensioners and widows around the country...he isn't doing anything to EARN the money and it doesn't come from legitimate business comes from theft and cooking the books and closing down factories and laying off people and bringing their own companies to ruin...bailing out with their golden parachutes just in time.

I love the CEOs who testify before Congress, the one they bought, about the need to allow them to make all the "rewards" they have as an "incentive" the chance to make unlimited and gross profits...or else..."we may not be able to attract talent". if they don't get 500 million a year, and have to settle for 20 instead...they'll just quit and go flip burgers. Who are they trying to kid? there is a revolving door for these there is for the defense industry and the Pentagon. They serve for a while...change the laws so their upcoming thefts can be "legal at the time"...then they "retire" back to private life...make a killing for as long as we allow it...then fund the next class of thiefs with campaign contributions so they can go into Congress and set things up for their own turn.

And the only way they manage to get away with it is by getting us to look the other way...and nothing distracts us more than outside dangers coming to ruin our way of life.

And we're just about set to open up a whole new can of worms so that these same assholes can come back in ten years and save us some more. We aren't anywhere near as strong and independent of the world as we think we are. If a dog farts somewhere, several American companies go broke. These people are making their "profits" by stealing from US first of all...then other chumps. Hardly any of them came by their profits honestly or legitimately...they just allowed us to share a fraction of the wealth they a sort of a tip for keeping quiet and going along with the ruination of our own economy and future security and quality of life.

We might just begin to wonder if unbridled cpaitalism isn't exactly what Marx said it was...a cancer, the only thing you KNOW will never stop growing...and ultimately saps the body of life itself.

With a president like Bush...who needs Saddam?

-- panch
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