Drumbeat of War

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Posted by panch from pool0082.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Sunday, September 08, 2002 at 6:57AM :

I can't tolerate NPR these days. I don't listen to the radio or stay in the room when the TV news is on. I can't stand the "full treatment" this 9/11 celebration is getting. If I hear one more citizen say how America will always stand tall and defend itself against Evil...I'll scream.

I don't like being railroaded by TV producers or the government...we are being taught to hate...our juices are being made to flow, like any dog in Russia. Orwell...my dear man, how did you forsee all of this?

I can't conceive of a thing more evil than declaring war on Iraqi civillians so they'll not have the power to remove Saddam, if such a thing were possible...while this country provides what he needs to go on draining his country of oil for us. And not even for "us"...for a few. Americans don't need to be ruining the planet in order to live the very humble lives the majority of us do. Americans don't benefit at all from the fact that a shirt made in a sweat shop in Malaysia by a 12 year old girl chained to a machine, is cheaper to make and so "think of the savings"!!! Even if it were true it's still unconscionable. But it doesn't even hold true...the only savings is to the manufacturer who puts those savings in his pocket..that friggin shirt isn't any cheaper to us than when it was made in Ohio. Add to that the social cost of all the shirtmakers thrown out of work, the lost tax base for the city where the factory was...and soon that shirt is costing a whole lot more than it EVER did.

I wont play along...wont play my part in this killing machine...at least as much as I am able to. Modern Life means becomming a murderer and a theif and a despoiler of resources whether you will or no. It's part of the deal you have to make in order to live here at all.

-- panch
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