Taxation Without Representation

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Posted by panch from ( on Sunday, September 08, 2002 at 7:08AM :

It was a battlecry once in this country. It still holds true. As every immigrant knows our form of government is not a Democracy but a Republic. We're way too big to have us all come down to the marketplace and we have elected officials who speak for us. That was the idea at least.

We need to go one step further...we need to change the tax laws so each of us can decide where our tax money should go. All Congress would do is see to it that the money is spent as intended...and of course they would still propose and pass legislation. But the funds for all of their projects would be determined by us, directly, when we fill out our tax forms.

It may be that the Pentagon will get even more money form those among us who believe we need to be shtrong by being pre-emptively paranoid. And it may be that health care and schools and job training and Head Start will receive much more...because WE want them. Things may stay pretty much as they are...then again they might change drastically...and it couldn't be any worse than it is now.

But at least we would each feel more closely connected to our government...which is supposed to be "WE The People" anyway. The reality is that it's practically impossible, in practise, to have much of an's far easier to just shurg your shoulders and vote by pulling out of the whole process...which suits the fanatics among us just fine, especially the "religious" ones who are on a mission to convert us all or frighten us into aquiescence...these people are a POLITICAL movement...not a religious one....their only religion is to subjugate everyone to THEIR way of thinking. would be refreshing to actually mark where you want your money spent. That would be more representative than what we have now.

-- panch
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