Open Letter To John Ashcroft

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Posted by Fred Aprim from ( on Sunday, September 08, 2002 at 7:24AM :

Dear Putz,

I have no doubt you have someone from your Homelands Insecurity Office monitoring this place...and thousands of to keep on your toes you know. I am not a threat to America...YOU are. I've been monitoring you as well and I'd say you're a pretty dangerous blowhard yourself.

Just to let you know you aren't fooling enough people. We are going to wake up from this nightmare, and fix those machines in Florida...and get rid of your boss. This has been one of the most embarrassing chapters in American history...a book filled with 'em.

Anytime you feel the urge to have a chat...send some of the boys over. How's the missus? Take care.


Fred Aprim

-- Fred Aprim
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