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Posted by pancho from ( on Sunday, September 08, 2002 at 11:53AM :

Shawn might still be around. I forgot, we have two lawsuits going. The new lawyer, Ardell Johnson is handling my suit against the rest of them...that's the Assyrian American National Federation, Atour Golani, Jackie's Club and Jackie, Alphonse Odishoo, John Nimrod and the AUA and Lincoln Bejan. Shawn may still be handling her suit against me.

I was confused a while back when I got a letter from Ardell telling me that she was representing Jackie, her Club, Alphonse AND Atour Golani. That threw me cause we hadn't managed to catch Atour outside yet to serve him...since that hadn't happened yet...what was Ardell doing defending HIM? Did Atour agree to be a defendant without getting served? Why would he do he eager to be a part of this roadshow?

Then it struck me...Jackie is pulling him into it, and the Federation...because she's going to say it was all Atour and the Federation...that she did nothing but go along. Now I can't see Jackie paying this new lawyer for all of them...she isn't THAT generous. You don't suppose she expects the Federation to pick up the you? Someone had to pay up front to get Ardell into was one of her lawyers who showed up...I think. They all dress badly, can't tell.

This should be interesting. If she expects Atour and the Federation to pay for them all...and she has gone ahead and told Ardell to just add Atour anyway...I wonder how Atour will feel about it? One of these days they'll pry his little fingers off the door frame and he'll have to go out...he can't build Fords in his den.

What if Atour doesn't think the Federation has to pay...that they did this thing alone? I know the truth of it...I remember the moment Jackie decided I wasn't allowed in the convention. Atour knew nothing about it...she pressured him later to play along. It doesn't speak well of him that he went along, but he had no reason to start it...none at all. But you never know which of these turkeys to believe.

-- pancho
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