Either this or the Simple Opposite

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Posted by andreas from p3EE3C685.dip.t-dialin.net ( on Sunday, September 08, 2002 at 9:01PM :

In Reply to: To Those Who Don't Know... posted by pancho from pool0431.cvx25-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Sunday, September 08, 2002 at 6:53PM :

Either this desinformation or the simple opposite of it, except for the valid part:
"Andreas is ..married to a an Assyrian woman"

Then you wrote:
"I think."

What a promise !
Please try to keep it.
(Please look up the real meaning of his word)

"Being deservedly ashamed of his Germanic roots and having no hope of reforming them"

*** Constant self-reformation is the very substance of the Germann roots/culture.

"...he's chosen us as the benighted people to help. "

*** No, not really.
I did not seek for Assyrians.
I married my wife .. and got all the forms of Assyrian problems and joys, strenghts and weakness gratis on top; lately I've got a heavy dose of Assyrian incompetence and super duper nationalism bordering to fascism.


Just in case you're interested in reality.
My Assyrian-German son was and still is in need of an Assyrian school here in Germany; Assyians "leaders" did not only fail to care for their people in this respect, they outrigtly ignored any help offer from the mixed families of Assyrians-Germans... or they simply couldn't handle it for sheer incompetence.

Meanwhile an Armenian friend and me, we have succeeded in having education in the Armenian language accepted in the national German curriculum and having it state sponsored with regard to teacher education, teaching/learning material etc.

OK, so far we were successfull only in Hamburg, Köln, München etc.: But we're rolling up Germany.

What a shame that we never found a competent Assyrian partner.
(More on all this maybe later)

"He's a born again Jew or Christian or one of them..."

*** Simply & bluntly: No.
I've nothing to do with such American reborn fundamentalist types as the 'Ashcrofties', 'Bushmen' etc.

They are simply the Western mirror of their ideolgically styled enemies, the Muslim fundamentalists.
The difference is only a technological and not a mental one.

When I mentioned "rebirth" I meant reincarnation.

" and enjoys nothing more than ejicating us Darkies."

*** That you're "darky" may be your most attractive asset.

Could be your apprehension and prejudice against me stems from your special racist US neighbourhods.

I am not responsible for that.

My wife and my son are a lot "darker" then me. As I love them, even any allusion and/or making this a topic of a prejudicial "race" dispute I feel to be an offence and transgression into my private sphere.

Please don't try to arrange everything according to racial lines on a Neanderthalian level.
Will simply not work with me.

"He also believes that our one redeeming trait is that we turned Christian."

*** I don't even think that Assyrians are Christians at all (in the emphatic, spiritual sense) and and surely not unconditionally, maybe only in a strange sense of ethnic-national-religious identity aimed to separate themselves from the surroounding Muslims majority. But this a only a formal Christianity just of the type corresponding to the hypocrisy of most of the people in the Western world.

Anyway, no genocide turns a people automatically into Christians, not even into a better people: Just the opposite is more likely. I.e. that hate, thirst for revenge, ethno-centrism, ethnic ghetto paranoia will prevail.

A lot more to be said on this.
I stop for now.

Always the Best


: Humor him...the Germans have no use for him...let's allow him to "benefit" us.

In abundance of energy, strength, intellignece, wisdom & love I'm sure I can spare a moment or a thousand to look after you on your Assyrian Holodeck (Ghetto) every now and then. ;)

-- andreas
-- signature .

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