I Just Saw John...

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Posted by Fred Aprim from pool1135.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Sunday, September 08, 2002 at 10:52PM :

Returned from their meeting...another dismal rally thing to tell us all about the AUA and how they are our natural born leaders. Carlo Ganjeh also spoke and spoke well...he means well and what he says makes sense...he just puts too much faith in the American government.

I was worried at first they wouldn't let me in...they seemed startled to see me in the parking lot. As soon as I arrived, a van pulled up with John Nimrod in it...he got out all smiles shook my hand and we chatted...he's "this close" to calling the mayor and "any minute now" he's going to call Northwestern University...yatayatayata. The truth is he doesn't want the statue in Chicago at all. But I went along with it.

They went inside and I continued pacing the lot, not sure if I should break in. Who walks past but Fred Aprim...and Alphonse is already in there.

Being considerate I call Carlo to the door and ask him if it's okay for me to go in...I don't want to force a scene...for their sakes. He said, why not..."it's your house". That was sweet. I took a seat at the back...and who waddles in but Jackie.

She left first...an hour into John's rambling talk. I left soon after...at the part where he was praising Bush.

I had the feeling I was in a meeting of collaborators. They actually think that America is going to do right by them.

One thing was interesting...and John said it. he said the Muslims gave us our CHRISTIAN rights...we are Christian after all...it's what we live and die for, it's what we yammer on and on about...so they gave us our right to be Christian...how were they supposed to know we were proud of being Assyrians...that we wanted ethnic rights as well...I mean, aren't we known as Nestorians???

Now we come back and say we want ethnic rights and political rights...I don't know, the whole thing stinks.

Sitting there hoping the United States squeezes Iraq enough...waiting to pick a piece or two of the wreck. Makes me sick.

Oh yeah...Aprim was there too. I went up to and said, Fred...you gotta lighten up...you gotta bend a little or you'll break...he thought about it a bit...kept jerking at his pinkie finger, tugging it like he wanted to pull it off. Then he says..."I

Can't blame him...we broke up.

-- Fred Aprim
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