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Posted by Jeff from ( on Monday, September 09, 2002 at 10:43PM :

... we were going more in Detail about England in teh 1600s and eventually we made our way to Locke and began to speak about the State of Nature, the Social Contract, the Whig Constitutional Settlement (and the Torries, of course)... and he brought up Iraq in an example. He brought it up in such a way so as to make me believe that he thought the US should bomb Iraq so after class I asked him what he thought about a possible US attack on Iraq and he shocked me with this response:

It's absolutely insane. I can't believe that our country is about to go on a path alone... to attack Iraq as a lone country - that seems to be an act of terrorism in itself.

We went on to discuss Noam Chomsky... anyway, I was happy that he turned out to be more sane than I thought he was from what I gathered during the discussion. I better pay more attention next time.

-- Jeff
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