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Posted by Fred Aprim from ( on Tuesday, September 10, 2002 at 9:59AM :

k you say you worship Ashur, what kind of god does not leave you something in this world so that you may learn more about him, or know him?

+++Excuse me? Your God has been sitting up there watching the most horrendous crimes imaginable committed against innocent people by the billions...and you tell me that he wants it that way, that this is how he proves his love and care for us...and after torturing us so and standing by indifferently while he also sends plagues and diseases to round out his nasty work on our behalf...he'll take us to his heart up in the clouds? Are you insane?

will the gilgamesh story teach you about ashur? will the ishtar, and tammus stories teach you about ashur?

+++Will a Jew and a Jew god tell you how to be an Assyrian? You guys are tickled pink that Yahweh found some errands for you to run, to help him teach his darlings a lesson or two...then had us destroyed. This is how you show love and respect and care for Assyrians?

how will you get to know this god of yours who was created by man?

+++You have the word of shephards and goatherds and a couple of fishermen from 2000 years ago that your Jew god existed. Ashur is in our one has to tell you anything about him.

why doesnt his socalled own nation even consider him anymore? ashur is us. we are ashur and ashur has bowed down to the true lord.

+++You wish. Many of us know him...we just don't go cramming our religion down people's throats the way you seem compelled to do. Ashur can't bow down...he exists inside of us and I, for one, am not bowing to anyone. Ashur isn't in you, obviously..."bowing down", is in you.

+++You people have just about finished us off with this Jew lord of yours. First you tell us he saved us...then you make us unwelcome in our homelands...after which you come here, to the arsenal of your Jew Lord and help destroy our Homelands some more...all the while turning your children into Mexicans and Afro-Americans...when they aren't white through and through. You are bombing the schools in BetNahrain and in all these years have never built a single thing here either...your one goal has been to wipe out the people of Ashur...if you can't turn them all into Reformed Jews.

ashurs sins were forgiven by this Jesus, and because of Jesus ashur still exists today for one reason and one reason only

+++Go suck eggs.

to bring glory and honour to the true God whom we were reconciled with because of Jesus.

++++Jesus was a Jew...his father was a Jew. I have no reason to be recopnciled with Jews. I bear them no ill will...I admire them greatly...all the more reason then do I respect my own Ashur...because I know who civilized those Jews and taught them most of what you are now trying to tell me came from them.

+++You aren't Assyrian...says so in your are Christian, and they worship Christ and Christ was a Jew. Run along now and take your slavation with you...between you Jews and Christians you've just about succeeded in putting an end to us.

+++Ashur isn't that kind of a god...he doesn't save people and condemn people...he exists inside of you or not at all...and he leaves it up to you...if you don't know what a gift you have...he lets you go...if you realize's all the god you need. You are the one who has to be bought with favors or have the crap scared out of you so you'll behave.

+++Run along to your Jesus...poor man, what he has to put up with as "followers".

-- Fred Aprim
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