Gulf Tonkin

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Posted by panch from ( on Tuesday, September 10, 2002 at 3:06PM :

We've been here before...been lied to, frightened out of our wits...silenced and made fearful about asking questions, wanting more information. At that time too who wanted to believe, or would have dared to venture the notion that the president of the United States was lying to Congress and the American people?

And had we never found out...would we ever have guessed it? And wouldn't we have been called enemies to America and traitors if we had suggested such a thing?

Has it made anyone pause to wonder this time? Don't people have an unsettling need to believe that they are the good guys, no matter how many times you prove them wrong? Not because they are evil, but because they are naive, and engage in wishful thinking.

And now we know...we know Johnson lied to us all because he too needed us in a war...needed to feed the national hysteria they'd been drumming up for years. he not only got 55,000 young Americans killed, for nothing...but had us kill three million innocent Vietnamese who'd never attacked the United States...just as Iraq hasn't done a damn thing to us.

Then too they presented us with "definite" evidence that commies were going to be swimming up onto our beaches...that we had "cells" on college campuses...that anyone who didn't play along was a "traitor"...that a loss of civil rights and a suspension of legal guarantees were a small price to pay for "security". And here we are years later less and less secure...and we'll be even more insecure and roundly hated fifty years from now.

War will not save us.

-- panch
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