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Posted by panch from ( on Tuesday, September 10, 2002 at 3:34PM :

In Reply to: US wants to "Reshape Entire Mideast &quo posted by Lilly from ? ( on Tuesday, September 10, 2002 at 11:56AM :

It wont work It doesn't have to...just doing it is success enough. The Vietnam War didn't work wasn't supposed to. Hawks still cry that we didn't have the "will" to get the job done. Yes we did...the "job" was to keep us stranded there...until enough money could be made.

It's the same now...there is no desire to transform the area...spread democracy or death or anything. It's a very simple proposition and has been done before...In all the colonial wars in Africa, Krupps of Germany had agents out fomenting war between nations there...and selling to both sides. At the close of the First World War, Germans were enraged to discover that Krupps made money off of every dead German soldier...killed by a Krupps bullet they'd sold to their international customers....German soldiers who overran enemy positions were able to use the unused ammunition and weapons they'd captured...they were the same ones they'd been issued.

War is the best of all businesses, and these guys don't care what they leave behind. The irony is it's our own money...they don't get it from Mars...WE give it to them...we give them little Tommie's college tuition fund to fight a war...and give them Tommy too.

Hell no...I wont go and my children wont either. I have to hope the rest of the world is more tolerant, forgiving and humane than the American people are allowing their government to portray them as to the rest of the world. But we still have an obligation to raise our voices in protest. They fought Saddam already and we got THIS in return...should you be surprised when we get more?

Bush was not elected by a majority of the people...he seized power with his family's help and a Superiot Court...and he's holding onto power by getting us into a war. They'll tell you the same thing they told us in 1972 when Richard Nixon was running for re-election...they said don't change presidents during war time...or... never change Dicks in the middle of a Screw.

-- panch
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