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Posted by panch from ? ( on Tuesday, September 10, 2002 at 5:16PM :

In Reply to: subtle propaganda posted by Lilly from ? ( on Tuesday, September 10, 2002 at 5:03PM :

When the colonists were opressed by the Brits...they refused to go along...chosing to fight instead...for which any of them, George too, could have been hanged from the nearest trial necessary.

The colonists didn't follow the rules of warfare either...they hid behind tress and bushes and shot the Brits in the back whenever they could...they weren't about to wear red uniforms...march in a clearing and bang drums to let them know they were coming.

The Colonial Army was better at every engagement where they ambushed and played the part of terrorists...and they summarily hanged traitors to the cause...when they could find a rope. Washington's regulars lost every battle where they "played fair". You do what you have to do. There isn't a single good reason for the United States to be propping up Israel...give me a break...they no more love Jews now than they did when they let them die in Hitler's ovens and camps. Why are we so surprised that people fight back...with their teeth if they have to, and at any target they can get at.

The United States Army regularly killed the Native American women and was a deliberate policy of terror meant to break the spirit of resistance in the men. Why so surprised that anyone else would do such a thing.

If this is indeed a 'war" then dropping biological weapons on New York is as justified as dropping atom bombs on Japanese women and children was...when the United States did it.

No one anywhere in the world buys the argument that Americans are "special" and can have their own definitions of right and wrong. If enough people turn in fury at the United States it will kill itself trying to protect itself...only by then it wont be recognizable. This country is nowhere near as strong as it likes to think,,,it is not made of the superheroes we treat ourselves with...those hard-on producing guys who vanquich everyone in sight without mussing their hair.

The price of gas goes up two cents and dogs and cats are fornicating in the streets, people are thrown out of work, health care slides, air quality suffers, tax base erodes and there is an increase in crime and substance abuse.

We are a paper tiger...just hope it doesn't beome evident...the willingness to kill scores of people for nothing but profit does NOT make a country great.

-- panch
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