The Country Is Going Nuts

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Posted by panch from ( on Tuesday, September 10, 2002 at 8:25PM :

Orange Alert...go about your business...don't do anything differently...just WATCH IT!!!

Who do you suppose they're all on the look out for? Swedes? Irish? Frenchies?

Those darkies among us who want to PROVE we're okay have to be especially "good". We better not be the ones to ask speak up for our fellow darkies who may not be quite okay, by Bush and Ashcroft standards.

I overheard a man at Kinkos speaking Assyrian on the phone...everyone was aware that this was a foreign...MidEastern sounding language. White folk don't know Texas from Ohio...they don't know EyeRaq from EyeIran...they don't know Assyrian from Pashtoon...they don't know us from a spitoon.

In the paper this morning... story of a legal immigrant, green card and all...arrested and held for 72 days in solitary without any charges ever brought against him.,..he was subjected to repeated full body cavity searches while as many as ten agents, some of them women watched...and laughed.

He's suing now. If he was Assyrian we'd be pissed at him for suing.

By the time you explain that it isn't an Al Qaida cell up your ass, you could make a whole new bunch of wouldn't have ordinarily picked this way to get to know.

America is already waging war against its own citizens who use drugs...though they haven't hurt anyone think they wont add us to the list? When's the last time the United States refused to hurt another Christian? During the Civil War...when all their enemies on both sides were Christians? When did anything ever spare anyone from having the Righteous Right target them?

We darkies are being encouraged to create the conditions for own own lynching...same thing Jews were encouraged to do in Germany when they believed the Nazis just wanted Law and Order...and to get those dirty Gypsies and Bolsheviks off the streets...something every good Jew also wanted. They also didn't realize these laws would one day be used against them too.

Learn from history. Ashcroft and Bush and Rumsfeld stand there and tell us all about "credible evidence"...remember Lyndon Johnson's press conference when he told the people about the attack on the battleship by a Vietcong motorboat...he knew he was lying.,..only WE didn't...till it was too late. And we're off and running again...and all because we've been trained to believe in EVIL and inherrent qualities that one side or another posses...totally and completely. The Good guys are ALL Good and the Bad Guys ALL the Wild West of old. That's why you can't raise a friggin question...the minute you do they tell you you're "blaming the victim...the United States." It's an all or nothing deal...and the Bad guys are ALL bad...if you say ONE thing in mitigation you are a traitor. You'd think we'd know by now...just on principle, that no one can be ALL bad or ALL good.

We are all of us being encouraged to become extremists...ignorant ones at that. How can that make us secure, or safe?

-- panch
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