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Posted by Tony from ? ( on Thursday, September 26, 2002 at 12:14PM :

In Reply to: "Distributing Medicines to Baghdad Hospi posted by Lilly from ? ( on Thursday, September 26, 2002 at 11:30AM :

The atrocity can not be washed by the mighty power of the $$$$$$$$$$$$.

: American Anti-War Activists to Distribute Medicines to Baghdad Hospitals
: Baghdad, Sept. 24-American anti-war activists with the Iraq Peace Team
: arrived in Iraq Sunday and will be distributing medicines to the primary
: teaching hospital for Baghdad on Tuesday. The seven activists (Barbara
: Lubin, CA; Nathan Mauger, WA; Danny Muller, IL; Bill Quigley, LA; David
: Smith-Ferri, CA; Leah Wells, CA; Henry Williamson, SC) brought between
: US$20,000-$30,000 worth of medicines.
: The medicines were purchased and donated in the US and Jordan, and will
: be given to the Al-Mansour Pediatric Wing of Saddam Teaching Hospital at
: 10 a.m. Included are antibiotics, prenatal vitamins, adult and
: children's vitamins, antihistamines, and chemotherapy, hypertension and
: anti-nausea medications. IV catheters, syringes, alcohol swabs, rubber
: gloves and other medical equipment will also be donated to the hospital.
: Henry Williamson, a practicing paramedic, supervised the purchase of the
: most of the medicines. "We offer these medicines as a gift of peace in
: hope that alternatives to Bush's insatiable desire for war will be
: sought by all nations." he said. Williamson served three tours of duty
: in the Vietnam War as a combat medic and volunteered to serve in the
: Gulf War. He first traveled to Iraq in 1998. Williamson will be staying
: in Iraq for several months with Iraq Peace Team.
: In addition to giving the hospital medicines, Iraq Peace Team activists
: will meet with doctors and patients and talk about what kind of supplies
: are needed in hospitals across Iraq. US/UN-imposed sanctions have
: devastated the Iraqi economy, and blocked necessary medical supplies
: from reaching the hospitals. As a result of sanctions, according to UN
: agencies, thousands of Iraqi children die each month from otherwise
: easily treatable illnesses.
: Iraqi hospitals are trying to prepare for massive casualties from
: another US-led military assault on the country. "We are still lacking so
: many items, and so many companies still refuse to make contracts with
: Iraq," said Dr. Louai Atif Kasha'a, director of Saddam Teaching
: Hospital.
: "In this hospital, and this is a teaching hospital in the capital, we
: have a child die every day and sometimes two," said former administrator
: Dr. Mahmoud Mehi in December 2001. "Image what it is like outside the
: capital and in their rural areas?"
: Iraq Peace Team is a project of Voices in the Wilderness, a campaign to
: end the sanctions on Iraq. The goal is to place hundreds of
: international activists in major Iraqi cities before and during another
: attack. Activists will document and report on the humanitarian
: consequences a new war would have on ordinary people living in Iraq.
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