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Posted by Tony from ? ( on Thursday, September 26, 2002 at 12:30PM :

In Reply to: From Voices in the Wilderness posted by Lilly from ? ( on Thursday, September 26, 2002 at 11:24AM :

Why can't the Citizens of this Great Country of Ours can't stop this War?

: September 24 2002
: Baghdad: Ramzi Kysia, Danny Muller
: Al Fanar Hotel: 964-1-718-8007, 717-7440;
: USA (Chicago): Kathy Kelly, Jeff Guntzel
: Voices in the Wilderness: 773-784-8065, 773-447-3964;
: Iraq Peace Team to Deliver Letters from American Students to Iraqi
: Students
: Educators from the United States, on a delegation with Voices in the
: Wilderness, will visit the Al-Markaziya Secondary School for Boys on
: Wednesday, September 25th at 10am to deliver pen pal letters from
: American students, and discuss how economic sanctions and threat of war
: have affected their education.
: Barbara Lubin, Former School Board President of Berkeley public schools
: and Director of the Middle East Children's Alliance, stated that "the
: future of any country is its children. All children need to feel safe,
: secure and are entitled to a good education, not being frightened by air
: raids. As American educators and citizens, we believe in teaching peace,
: not teaching war. American children are reaching out to Iraqi children,
: and those are important connections to make."
: Children in Iraq aged twelve years or younger have known no other
: experience than sanctions and war. And children in the United States
: know nothing about their experience due to the lack of cross-cultural
: communication. Currently no pen pal or study abroad programs exist
: between Iraq and the rest of the world, leaving a huge gap in what each
: group knows about the other. Delegation members will deliver letters
: from students in the United States, and offer the hope for peace and
: reconciliation sent by teenagers studying nonviolence.
: Leah Wells, Peace Education Coordinator for the Nuclear Age Peace
: Foundation and nonviolence teacher in high schools in California
: reports, "The change in my students, after being taught a peace
: curriculum is remarkable. My students open up to the experience of
: others in the world and begin to think critically about the origin of
: problems like sanctions, and more importantly they get a human face for
: the Iraqi students that is not reported on the evening news. Teaching
: peace is the most important thing in our world."
: Concerned by the damaging effects of sanctions on the state of education
: in Iraq, the group wants to learn firsthand about school conditions and
: the learning environment by speaking with teachers and students. They
: will report their findings and experiences during their involvement with
: the Iraq Peace Team ( and upon their return to the
: US.
: Educators traveling with Voices in the Wilderness are Barbara Lubin
: (CA), David Smith-Ferri (CA), Bill Quigley (LA), Daniel Muller (IL) and
: Leah Wells (CA).
: ###

: Voices in the Wilderness
: 1-773-784-8065

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