Re: What about the dying Iraqi childeren?

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Posted by panch from ( on Thursday, September 26, 2002 at 1:36PM :

In Reply to: Re: What about the dying Iraqi childeren? posted by A friend of Jackie from ( on Thursday, September 26, 2002 at 0:05AM :

: What have you done to "the dying Iraqi childeren?"

***HavenŽt done a thing to them.

For sure you can not save them with beer and shrimp.

***Neither can you with bullshit and tea.

Jackie has done 1000 times more for the Childeren of Iraq than you have.

***She also did a lot for the children of Georgia. She does a lot when the man she works through is helps. At her state convention in San Jose, when I first met her and she agreed to allow me to display some sculpture...I had to fight like hell to allow her to give Narsai David a few minutes to tell the crowd about the work the AAS was doing. In those days she was only interested in the Assyrians of Georgia...of whom sheŽd learned of when Father Benny called her. He IS handsome. She was down on Narsai and the whole north Iraq thing. You have to remember, and remind others...I knew Jackie a lot better than you did...or any of the people she now calls friends do. I still know her better...see she thought for sure she had me for life...she "gave" me a whole bunch of her money too...and money is what makes Jackie...JACKIE. You said so yourself.

****It came as a surprise to me three years later when she told me, over coffee and buns...ahem...that Rabi Whacky had called her on first hitting the ground in Turlock where she was for some meetings, and insisted they HAD to meet...and meat they did. He told her how heŽd heard that she was the one to know...that she had her pulse on some part of the Assyrian Organ...that he wanted her to tell him what needed to be done in America...that from then on he would have everyone run things through her first, that she would be his contact person and so forth. She was fairly beaming with self importance.

****I didnŽt remind her of all her misgivings and derrogatory comments about "Garbia, stupid Garbia"...why stop her in mid orgasm. IŽll take any good Jackie can do any of us she will take whatever benefits her from anyone, anywhere and at anytime. IŽll just keep a sharp eye out for the bill when it comes due. In her mind she did a lot "for me" as she has done a lot for her waltz them right into a law suit they didnŽt need...while paying to have the lawn mowed...a first for Assyrians apparently.

***What Jackie does, she does for Jackie. The amount she spent on children in Iraq is spare change to her...far less than her real estate holdings in San Jose...even less than she is spending to sue us. is good that she does some good with the money...good for other people, for a change.

Isn't that a fact? There is a limit to how long you can fool us about everything you tell us.

****I have no desire to fool you...youŽre there already.

Go to church this Sunday and repent for all your crimes and sins!

***If I went there it would be to commit one...a sin against Ashur...though he doesnŽt mind. You see Ashur never gave us bells and whistles...or fishes and loaves and the promise we could be reminded for eternity of what a pathetic figure we cut on this earth...he expected us to do what was right. In the end Jackie will have done far more harm than good.

***You are easily impressed...and at least have the good sense not to let anyone know who JackieŽs friends are...what are you afraid of?

*** that you?

-- panch
-- signature .

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