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Posted by andreas from p3EE3C244.dip.t-dialin.net ( on Friday, September 27, 2002 at 7:22AM :

The CIA and Its Secret Experiments

with MKULTRA & Germ Warfare.

America’s Great State Secret


Gordon Thomas

Download free preview & prologue - www.gordonthomas.ie/mindfield.pdf (right click, "Save Target As")


· Sensational never-seen-before documents from inside the White House, CIA and other agencies.

· Reveals the documentary evidence that links US Vice-President Dick Cheney and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to the cover-up of the death of top CIA scientist, Frank Olson.

· Explains how the CIA financed a ruthless and systematic assault of the human psyche – using a British-born psychiatrist to spearhead the assault.

· Names other world renowned physicians who were involved in the most sinister research programme ever created by any United States government – and its secret partner – the British government.

· Reveals how a woman was programmed to become a CIA assassin.

· Describes how a CIA chemist was murdered by his own colleagues after he had turned to the one man he thought he could trust – a London psychiatrist engaged in similar work.

· Reveals how “expendables” – the CIA generic name for those selected for killing – were secretly murdered after they had been experimented on in Europe.

· Describes how the CIA used prostitutes and mental patients in other experiments.

· Explains how the CIA deliberately pioneered the drug culture whose effects are still with us.

· Reveals how the CIA agent selected to monitor the experiments eventually died at the hands of a physician steeped in the methods perfected by the CIA.

· Identifies how the CIA experiments are still carried on in secret establishments in Israel and China.

· Uncovers CIA terminal experiments on Vietcong prisoners in Vietnam.

· Publishes the CIA Manual of Assassination – a shocking document describing how to commit state-approved murder.


All this and more is supported by a wealth of never before published evidence; personal interviews with those doctors involved in the work that mocks their oath to do no harm to their patients.

It is also the story of a brave man, William Buckley, the longest serving agent in the CIA, until his own terrible death at the hands of a doctor trained in the techniques the CIA pioneered. Buckley was a close personal friend of the author.


It is a shattering account of how the dark side of science collaborated with sheer lunacy to create a chilling tour de force of terror. Based upon impeccable research, it shows how our elected governments lied to the people for over fifty years – and continues to obscure the truth. It is a story of murder, inhuman experiments and torture.


Critical acclaim from Victims and Victimisers.

“I am a survivor of the MK-ULTRA programme. It was run by the CIA and designed to control a subject’s mind and will to the point where he or she would become an assassin. To achieve this I was forced to undergo extensive drugging, electro-shock, sensory deprivation, hypnosis, partake in pornographic films, act as a prostitute and much else. I finally have realised I cannot keep hiding that it has left me only a shell of life to live. In going public I want to end the fear all survivors of MK-ULTRA live with.”

Kathleen Ann Sullivan

“Mindfield is filled with the same intrigue and political adventures found in the best spy novels. Only Mindfield is true. I know because I was involved in the CIA mind-control experiments. This book has been meticulously researched and penetrates much of the mystery that shrouds the CIA. It reveals the agency as it was and as it remains: cold and dedicated to its own self-designed purpose. The pages of this book are filled with the correct phrases, the right quotations and accurate assumptions honed by clear professional judgement.”

Alexander Legault
Former US Naval Intelligence/Operations

“Meticulously researched, Mindfield is a deeply disturbing story of hideous government experiments using drugs and behavioural modification. Teaching hospitals on both sides of the Atlantic were used. Many of the doctors who performed those experiments remain in high office today and still conduct those experiments with impunity. Mindfield is a terrifying warning how easy it is for elected governments to sanction secret experiments to control human behaviour. Gordon Thomas has meticulously taken us from incredulity to awareness of the Machiavellian lengths our governments go to in our unsuspecting name. This remarkable book is essential reading for all those in a trusted role to care for people. In every sense it is an outstanding text that reveals the darker side of medicine.”

Professor Anne White
M.C.S.P. Bsc M.D. F.R.C.P.A.
Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine
Department of Psychiatry
McMaster University, Canada

“Riveting! A great read and very enjoyable.”

Ari Ben-Menashe
Former National Security Adviser
The Government of Israel


· Puts an end to a life-time of official denials. Here is the proof the world has asked for.

· Intensely researched and referenced expose of a sinister agenda.

· Hubris, paranoia and sheer evil among scientists and military leaders are exposed.

· Given current concerns about bio-terrorism, this book is simply a MUST.

-- andreas
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