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Posted by Jeff from ? ( on Friday, September 27, 2002 at 1:08PM :

Re: ROOTERS: FLASH....Parhad Returns To Kabul
Written by Bathey on 27 Sep 2002 19:08:37:
As an answer to: ROOTERS: FLASH....Parhad Returns To Kabul written by R. Dusseldorf on 26 Sep 2002 02:07:19:

>Yesterday the Muslim traitor Fred Parhad returned to Kabul having apparently succeeded in his nefarious mission to install Assyrian monuemtns in American cities. All pretenses were dropped as on the way through the terminal, Parhad grabbed a tablecloth and affixed the Muslim symbol on his head, shouting, "I ainīt Pancho no mo". It remains to be seen if his mission will have proven to be a success. For that...we will have to wait to see if the city of Chicago will now install the Shumirum Monument, blocked by that Assyrian patriot, John Dimrod(?). Also...will his Hammurabi Monument be resurrected by the president of the AANF (aanf?) Atour "Big Mac" Golani.
>One Assyrian wag I spoke with said, I think..." Go back here where you donīt belonging. You tot we were stupid to let you insult us with your TRAITOR! If we want to be betrayed we have our OWN GRAT ASSRIN PEEPILS...who needs you"!
>It is thought that his minions will soon begin leaving the country as well.
>note: On the way to the airport this reporter saw one woman "tied to a sexual organ"...he has no idea what that means...just saw it is all.
>Rolf Dusseldorf
>Hamburgerburg, Germ.

Good riddens Farhat!

I always knew you were traitor to our oompapoompta! You muslim anti-christians man... you are such a bad person.

GO back to Baghdad to your agent headquarters where you will get paid.

Go back to Kabul... and Teheran... and Damascus... and Istanbul you TURK-KURD-PERSIAN-ARAB-BATHEY-AFGHAN-MUSLIM-SYRIAN-agent!

As they say in Assyrian:

"Kulley Whothayee Hadhakh Methi"

I trust I am make myself perfecting clear.

- Bath

-- Jeff
-- signature .

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