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Posted by panch from customer-148-233-78-77.uninet.net.mx ( on Saturday, September 28, 2002 at 1:13PM :

Feggetaboutit...you have to not know much history or feel smugly superior not to know what crimes the United States has committed...ask those who saw the corpses and burned children in Hiroshima and Hanoi. The Vietnamese too did not a damn thing to the United States...never attacked once...as Saddam never did. And one expects soldiers who go to war to get killed...one does not drop atomic bombs on their children in bed next to their mothers.

That was "practise" too. The United States supplied Saddam and stood by while he poisoned Iranian youths and Kurds conscripted into a war by the fanatics it installed in Iran...right, a bunch of mullahs took over Iran waving sandals and pita bread and the United States could do NOTHING! Geez...where do you guys come from?

Saddam isnīt a threat to anything and thank god he is there so Bush can distract us all from the the theft and rape of the economy he and his CEOīs have been conducting...and hope to avoid detection by now getting us all in a sweat over Saddam and his mass mush. The war in Afghanistan was another flop with over 6000 innocent people killed...what about them? Where do their families come together to "shtand shtrong"? What recourse do they yhave...are their lives worth anything...or just New Yorkers? This kind of blind arrogance is always punished...always. Every empire thinks it is above retribution...but where are they?

The war in Vietnam was never supposed to be "won"...as people keep puzzling over it...over how this nation couldnīt beat that small rice paddy. Well it was never supposed to be won...just as this nonsense war against terrorism isnīt supposed to be won...or against Al Qaeda or Saddam or North Korea.

The "winning" comes in scaring the crap out of Americans so they will look the other way...so they wont mind when you gut the Laws, laws that also stop corporations from being held accountable, executive officers from being sued for stealing, loaws that protect forests and water and air, stuff that can be turned into profit..as dead bodies can....it keeps people faithful to whatever party is in power and promises to "save" us all. And of course an ongoing war...and it HAS to be ongoing...makes a hell of a lot of money for a lot of people. Every US corporation has a hand in war production...and whatīs the good of the stuff if you canīt use it...and have to replace it...and replace it...and replace it.

They dragged that war on as long as they could...they made Saddam and Iran as hostile as they could and for as long as they can...when that "dangerous" enemy North Korea was starving to death, who rushed to feed them and keep that invaulauble enemy alive...who else? How they gonna convince you all to let guns and bombs get your tax dollars while your children donīt have health care if they donīt scare you into believing your children might get killed...so screw their health care, their safety, their education, their job and life prospects..."first things first".

These wars are "won" by our own industrialists...who donīt want any kind of a peace...or the peace "dividend" we all thought would be ours when that other paper tiger, Communism, died.

What do you think Eisenhower, a five star General who led the greatest military force ever assembled anywhere at any time...who was also a national hero...a world wide hero, and a two term presdident meant when he warned us to beware of the rising Military- Industrial Complex? You think he meant they would paint their buildings an ugly color...that they wouldnīt have employee picnics?

No...he saw clearly how much profit had been made by US companies during the war...he saw them begging to press for ever greater weapons...for "security"..." so IT would never happen agian". He saw advisers at the Pentagon...who asked for weapons systems...leave and go to work for the same companies that made those weapons...he saw them become lobbyists and urge our politicians to buy those systems for "our safety". he saw the companies give "contributions" to those aspiring politicians who could be counted upon to be "patriotic"...meaning they too believed in a Red Menace, as they now have to believe in a Terrorist Threat...and urged greater preparation for the battle that was "sure to come".

He saw the mechanisms being readied to keep the American people in a constant state of war preparedness...with zillions of our dollars going into the pockets of the same people who first scared us...then offered to reassure us...at a price, an increasingly higher price until we can wonder what we have left to protect...when our children go hungry here too and our companies steal even more, and even more...because there can never be enough for businessmen who will prey on us as these do.

But all that talk and all those warnings wont do without some move made against us. The Vietnamese had no reason to come attack America...although we were constantly treated to news reports about how they could wash up on our beaches...why would they want to? All they wanted was to get us out of their country..and the America people didnīt want any more adventures after Vietnam.

So now what...the Soviets collapse...people back home want better schools and health benefits and fix the goddam potholes...so they begin on Muslims and Islam...years ago the Soviet villain gets replaced in films and TV by the Arab terrorist...and itīs been a constant drum beat for three decades now...with children being born into an atmosphere where Islam and Muslims and Arabs are the new things to fear...but that alone isnīt enough, we{ve already been down that road, of beloieving the unbelievable...that anyone actually wants to attack the United States head on... so you have to MAKE them hate you enough so that a few of them will actually lash out at you...so you push the Palestinians and you push them and you push them...you support clashing versions of Islam...you help the extremists because they are "anti-communist" and you squash any moderates...you turn up the heat and you keep it up until you find a Saddam and a Khomeni and you groom them and you supply them and you tell Saddam you wont mind if he attacks Kuwait, and FINALLY comes the pay off...you then turn on him, in "shock", and then you starve his people for 13 years cause you still donīt have that threatened attack on the United States and you need one GOOD ONE before Americans will forget Vietnam...and when you finally have to steal the White House, you attack Iraq the NEXT day...and you keep all of this up until the CIA informs you that FINALLY an organization has been identified which is planning a hit on the United States directly...no more USS Cole nonsense...or bombing Marine barracks where they have no business being in the first place..as every sane American could admit.

And when you find these people you monitor them, you infiltrate them, after all you want to be sure that THESE guys will deliver...you send a guy to room with a couple of them, just to be sure...and you track them all over Europe till they come to America where you "lose" them...and yet FBI agents somehow manage to find them and they alert their superiors in Washington who ORDER the agents to do nothing...and keep ordering them to look the other way...until the day finally comes when these goddamn slowpokes FINALLY give you what youīve been wanting for for so long...AN ENEMY ATTACK AGAINST AMERICAN SOIL...and finally you have the excuse you need and you rush to congress and get the power to block investigations...thatīs what it amounted to...and you distribute cash to your buddies in all those industries that will now SAVE AMERICA.

The you declare a perpetual war...one that has to be fought here as well...and you get set to curtail the rights weīve cherished for so long...the ones that gave us the means to stop people like Bush in his tracks...him and his croney crooks...now made into Patriots. By then all the crook things that have been set up previously to steal the pensions from American workers have collapsed and come to light...the war on terror didnīt work...as you never intended it to work, Osama being the next "blessing" for Cheney...and of course cracks begin to show...so you need another distraction and THANK GOD Saddam is still in Iraq...great fall back position...a "Villain in Residence"...and now we are up and chasing after HIM...as if he is a threat to anyone.

Bush and his administration are the single greatest threat America has EVER faced. Thank God more and more Americans are realizing that...as are ALL Europeans except for Tony Blair. Weīre just embarrassed as hell that we ever believd this cheerleader.

Oh yeah...a few bucks are spent on some Christians to spread fear and hatred and dread of Saddam among us too. After all...what would look better than for Assyrians and Iraqis themselves demanding that Saddam must go? And these guys work cheap.

-- panch
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