Albert Yelda on BBC - Yeti or Jedi?

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Posted by andreas from ( on Saturday, September 28, 2002 at 1:53PM :

Albert Yelda on BBC - Yeti or Jedi ?

Albert Yelda, co-founder of Iraqi national coalition:

"The Iraqi opposition in exile are united in their objective to remove Saddam Hussein"

You don't say !

A Real Audio file on BBC:

As you will witness, the interviewer struggles very hard to take A. Yelda serious at all - and finally doesn't succeed to do so, quite understably.

Yelda uses that disgusting phrase "To be honest with you ...".

Very tell tale.
On what (other) proposition was he talking earlier and is he throwing his brains around generally ?
The listener's reaction after this utterance is that he/she/it will never be inclined any more to trust in Yelda's honesty.
That impression is further deepened by the hectical regurgitating of shallow and superficial platitudes.


Would have been more informative if the interviewer had interviewed himself.

-- andreas
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