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Posted by panch from customer-148-233-78-77.uninet.net.mx ( on Saturday, September 28, 2002 at 2:14PM :

Funny. I mean if the judge doesnīt allow her suit to procede...after all she passed once already. If that happens then "Unclean Hands" canīt apply because what happened after the convention is irrelevant. All of the things Jackie complains about happened after the convention...the things I am counter suing for happened before. If her suit is dismissed it means she canīt bring up all of her complaints and grievences about what I wrote etc. So...I donīt have Unclean Hands at all. And I was TRYING to keep them clean all along...ahem.

So now what do they say in court? Theyīve managed to avoid giving me any explanations for what they did...what will they say when they HAVE to say something?

Starting with John...what does he say to the court when I ask why he stopped the installation of the Shumirum? Will he say it was because there are too many Blacks on the campus of the University of Chicago? Thatīs the reason he gave me. What if there are Blacks on the jury? How does that square anyway with the neighborhood his own Hindquarters are in? Can he afford to tell the truth, even if he broke precedent and wanted to...that nothing can come to Chicago unless it comes through him and benefits HIM first...even when it was his sisterīs wish and desire...something he frustrated till she died, and has to oppose even more now because of the outright son of a bitch he would clearly be seen as by all of us...the jury as well?

What does Atour say when confronted with the fact that the Federation changed a long standing policy, one that allowed artists to sell their works at conventions...something I was doing since 1978...changed it only for that one convention.,..and enforced the rule only against me. Why? And why did he lie when saying the other artists were allowed to sell because they agreed to a kick back scheme...and I asked why he didnīt offer me the same option...all the while knowing that his wife and I had been working for three years to raise money for the Hammurabi, and that by not allowing me to sell he was setting that project back and in the end ruining it. Why? I asked the other artists if there had been such a kick back agree ment and three of them said there hadnīt been...and were also puzzled at why they were being allowed to sell, when their contracts clearly said they couldnīt. And what about the single sentence inserted in my contract that said I must not mention the Shumirum or the Federation while at the convention, or out I go. What will Atour say?

And what does Jackie say when confronted with e-mails she was sending to people filled with lies...even to saying she was hard at work on the Shumirum when all the while she wasnīt attending meetings with the Arts Committee...as she needed to if we were to install the Shumirum? How does she explain that I "appeared at her door begging for money to feed my family wit"...when she bought thousands of dollars worth of sculpture...and my income before they ruined it, allowed me to feed my children just fine? How will she explain the other version of that story...that she put groceries in a bag for me while I waited? This version told to someone else? Was any of this true...was it likely? Remember...in a "he said she said" dispute the jury is left to decide who it believes. Does Jackie think designer suits three sizes too small are going to sway people?

Their whole defense it seems to me, hinges on proving I was a "troublemaker"...that this justified all they did for two years past...all the way back to the Shumirum. Problem is there is no proof of that...none but what Jackie manufactured as she needed it. She was in the thick of the incident in Chicago...it was she who marched off to tell Sargon Lewie he had better let me speak to the delegates or else. If I was the instigator then she hardly would have done that. Besides, the police went chasing after two of Alladin Khamisīs thugs...not me...and Alladin knows it because he appealed to me directly that I agreed not to press charges, so the two could help him run the convention. My wife was a witness to all of this, and this is not a capital case..her testimony is as good as anyone else{s...let the jury decide who to believe.

And what was Lincoln thinking when he went along with the land swindle nonsense...and the loan. He knew the truth...did he tell Jackie, or did she force him to go along with her perjury? Let him explain how it happened...under oath.

Everyone tells me theyīll just lie. You donīt realize how intimidating it is to lie in court...on the witness stand...everyone watching you...the stenographer taking down every word you utter for comparaison later. With six defendants, none of whom like each other...the chance that theyīll get together and agree on anything is remote. More likely theyīll fight among each other...and if one of them is caught lying...she will screw it for the rest of them.

One thing nags at me...how it is that Jackieīs lawyer has automatically taken Atour on as a client also. I hadnīt even served him yet and boom...sheīs representinmg him? Jackie would not pay out of her own pocket for defending her whole club...she especially wouldnīt pay to defend Atour...sheīd see him hanged first. I think she sucked him in because she plans to make it all his fault...and how can that be if they donīt have the same lawyer? But who is paying? Ardell has already run up a bill for a few thousand...with more to come.

Then it hit me. I remember someone telling me that Atour has been unable to get a final accounting out of Jackie for the San Jose coinvention...that it got so bad he had to fly out to California and call an emergency meeting of the NEC of the AANF. Can Jackie still be holding onto the Federationīs money? Not for her own use of course...but to force some concession out of the Federation? Was some promise made to Jackieīs club that has been long in being kept...and is she holding onto their money till they comply? Could it be that this is the money she is using to pay the lawyer who is to defend them all...and thatīs why Atour HAS to be included...to justify her usuing Federation money...because she HAS to maintain the whole thing was Atourīs idea...and the Federationīs...and what better way then to use Federation money?

I just canīt see Atour going along with any of this. He will want his own lawyer...for him and Alladin...and the entire Federation will balk at having to foot the bill for the tricks Jackie, not Atour, insisted on playing.

Can a suit by the Federation against Jackieīs club and Jaqckie be far behind? I hope not.

-- panch
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