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Posted by pancho from ( on Saturday, September 28, 2002 at 3:21PM :

...When I say we have to make ourselves known to the American people...not the politicians, but the people. Iīm told it wont do us any good...what can we hope to gain by it.

Now we come begging the United States military to bomb Iraq...killing Assyrians along with the rest. How come we arenīt shy or hesitant or worried about what will "work" when it comes to raining down death and destruction...but hesitant to let Americans know about encourage them to show more interest and curiosity about us so that someday our existance on this planet will be something they care about?

Could it be that as Assyrians we would be of far more interest to them than as Christians...something theyīve seen every variety of? And that if we gain too much attention for the Assyrian part of our history...our young people might be encouraged to expand and develop that, at the expense of singing on some priests lap?

How come only bombing us off this planet is something our leeders are concerned with?

Let me say one thing with absolute clarity...NO Assyrian of any kind, would allign him or herself with any part of American policy against Iraq. No Assyrians would want Iraq attacked now so that they can be "saved". That is Christian nonsense...coming from people who are glad as hell they arenīt Assyrian any longer, but Christians. The fact that they do handsprings to convince us that Christianity and Assyria are one and the same thing, is just the method they use to disguise their loathing of our real ancestry...which was NOT Christian.

I donīt mean they are all Christians...but they will use whatever they can, like Peter The Rabid and "Ross Jatou" because they know that on the merits of the case...they have absolutely no legitimate claim to any part of that land...none whatsoever...especially since they were the first ones, long before Muhammad, to abandon the very core and soul of what being Assyrian means. They turned their backs on Ashur...and now make a big deal out of NOT turning their backs on Jews wont turn against their religion and Being...and as Muslims wont either.

It seems among all of them, only Christian Assyrians "turned"...and they have paid the price since then. If you are going to be killed anyway...or wiped out through assimilation...why turn away from your core and central being just before being shot...if you are to die anyway, or die out...why not go out as what you always were...proud and Assyrian in EVERYTHING???

Iraq, Turkey, Syria...are all filled with the descendants of the Assyrians, Chaldeans and all of the several people who made that region a cradle for ALL civilization. They are there yet...and many of them are Muslim. And THIS is the secret behind all this "democracy" in Iraq...and "regime change" nonsense...and this blathering on aina about how Iraq must be SAVED by being bombed some more.

This has nothing to do with loving Assyria or Assyrians or our Heritage. It is a Christian jealousy and envy thing...hurt feelings at having been shoved out of what was a Christian haven once...and will never be again.

Those who call for the bombs could care less about Assyria or Assyrians. Their one concern is for Yahweh, Jesus the Jew and Israel. But they have no "legitimate" claims there...and have none anyplace else. Their last hope is to wear an Assyrian disguise and demand the return of the land of the God, religion and People THEY ABANDONED FIRST.

Good luck.

-- pancho
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