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Posted by Lilly from ? ( on Monday, September 30, 2002 at 3:18PM :

1. Remove a brutal regime that has systematically targeted and killed its own population, including Assyrians.

xxx How about removing your ass instead?

2. Remove the excuse for the sanctions, which are hurting the Iraqi people, not Saddam. Note, please don't argue about why the sanctions were placed in the first place. It was a good idea at first, but obviously the intended effect has not been realized. The UN and the US cannot simply say “we were wrong”, there must be a face-saving way of removing the sanctions.

xxx Why not argue? The intended effect of the sanctions was to weaken the *people* of Iraq, either by death or lack of resources.

3. Remove support for terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. This is not a stable regime, it is a band of merciless thugs who would not hesitate one second to cause mass destruction if given the means to do so.

xxx Hey, Peter! Guess what??? You're pretty unstable yourself! & the way you treat people on AINA shows what a little tyrant you are.

4. Remove Saudi Arabia’s support for terrorism. Yes, by going into Iraq, which has the second largest oil reserves in the world, and securing the oil, the US will be in a position to confront Saudi Arabia, which is the largest supporter of Islamic extremism and terrorism.

xxx & da-da-dah!!! You have the world's biggest supporter of terrorism, the US gov't, in charge of vast quantities of the one resource the industrialized world can't live w/out!

5. Introduce a democratic model of government into the Middle East.

xxx That'd be great if people knew what the hell a democracy was around here.

My hunch is we are looking at a very long involvement on the part of the US, on the order of 10-20 years.

xxx Hell no. The US can't afford that. My hunch is that you're incredibly constipated.

I think this is their strategy to fight terrorism.

xxx Shows you can't think.

First secure an oil supply, and Iraq has the second largest reserves in the world, second, remove the revenue source that is funding Islamic terrorism, and that would be Saudi Arabia. Eight weeks after 9/11/02, the Bush administration announced that it would immediately stop government funding for research into improving gasoline engine efficiency, and take that same money and divert it all into funding research for hydrogen fuel powered cars. Can you read between the lines? No oil revenue for Arabs/Muslims, no money to support terrorism. This administration is sharp.

xxx The administration isn't sharp. The military strategists in the Pentagon are... & they're mean, to boot.

-- Lilly
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