So, death penalty in New Assyria?

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Posted by andreas from ( on Wednesday, October 02, 2002 at 5:31PM :

In Reply to: Local man (=Kamber) - post-Saddam Iraq posted by andreas from ( on Wednesday, October 02, 2002 at 2:52PM :

: Kamber's work with the committee involves drafting a guideline for what he calls a future "Iraq Bill of Rights,''

+++ So, a draft for a guideline for a sketch of a blueprint of a future skeleton ...
But sounds intriguing.
Where has it been published?
Any public discussion and education?

: ... based on the U.S. model.

+++ Ashcroft style ?
Homeland security? TIPSies?

: The bill of rights would provide protection for people from illegal detentions and death sentences without the benefit of a fair trial,

+++ 1) So, death penalty in New Assyria?
That's a good head start into democracy.

2) What are those "legal detentions" Assyrians (and other Iraqis) will not be protected from?
What concept of "fairness"?

Who defines what set of criteria ?

: and ensure rights for all citizens, particularly those from such minority groups as the Assyrians, to which Kamber belongs.

+++ "ensure rights for all citizens, PARTICULARLY (?) those from such minority groups as the Assyrians"
The principle of legal equality is abandoned?
Or is meant: "the particular rights of Assyrians".
Then, what are they ?

: Kamber said a large majority of American citizens of Iraqi descent -- about 300,000 people -- are of Assyrian ancestry.

+++ Where have all the Chaldeans and Syriacs gone to.
Are they in legal detention?
Or forcefully Assyrianized?

: Kamber says it is critical that Hussein follow human-rights guidelines as established by United Nations Resolution 668 after the Persian Gulf War.

+++ So, Saddam Hussein is allowed to stay?

: The average Iraqi does not want Hussein in power because his regime frequently commits civil rights abuses, he said.

+++ That's either anyhow a contradiction to the last statement or the will of the masses of the average Iraqis will not be respected.

: "I think it's very important that the American (public) should learn about this," Kamber said.
+++ Yes, they are learning about the contradictions and half-cooked coconutcepts.

-- andreas
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