Ok, if you insist: My Way

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Posted by andreas from p3EE3C68F.dip.t-dialin.net ( on Thursday, October 03, 2002 at 11:06AM :

In Reply to: My Way or No Way! posted by Tony from ? ( on Thursday, October 03, 2002 at 11:02AM :

Ok, if you insist: My Way

: Washington has refused to
: budge on demands for a
: single new Security Council
: resolution for weapons
: inspections in Iraq, despite a
: deal hammered out between
: the United Nations and
: Baghdad in Vienna. The deal,
: made Tuesday, guarantees
: inspectors unrestricted
: access to all sites in Iraq
: except eight "presidential"
: areas.

: - listen to the full report 315

: The Bush government is still demanding a strongly worded
: Security Council resolution demanding disarmament; Iraq's
: agreement to allow the UN weapons inspectors
: "unconditionally" back into the country has not affected Mr
: Bush's hard line.

: Access to the eight so-called presidential sites remains
: restricted under an earlier UN agreement, and the US is not
: at all ready to back off just because some logistical matters
: have been settled by chief weapons inspector Hans Blix.
: The US has vowed that without a tough new Security
: Council mandate there will be no weapons inspections at
: all.

: Suspicious Minds
: Many believe the contentious "presidential sites" harbour
: secret projects to develop weapons of mass destruction. Mr
: Blix, who will brief the Security Council on Thursday,
: wouldn't discuss them with Iraq because the Security
: Council approved their special status in 1998. He suggests
: now that the Security Council change its position on the
: presidential sites if they want them included in the
: inspection regime.

: This may offer an opening for a compromise in the standoff
: between the US and the UK on one side and the other veto
: members Russia, China, and France on the other, about the
: necessity of one or more new resolutions. The US remains
: publicly committed to forcing through a single Security
: Council resolution authorizing the use of military force if
: Iraq does not comply with the disarmament demands, as
: reiterated by President Bush's spokesman Ari Fleischer at
: the White House.

: "He wants to see a one-resolution solution. He does
: not think that we need to send any signs of weakness
: to Saddam Hussein. Saddam Hussein will exploit any
: opportunity he sees that gives him a signal that the
: world is not united, that the world is not speaking as
: one, and that the world is willing to give Saddam
: Hussein more time. Because more time to Saddam
: Hussein is more weapons."

: Unchained Inspectors
: But behind the scenes, the US State Department is quietly
: exploring the French desire to follow a path of two
: follow-up resolutions. The first of these would demand
: unfettered access for weapons inspectors and unconditional
: disarmament. The second authorizes force if Iraq refuses to
: cooperate.

: Rescinding the earlier restrictions on access to the
: presidential sites fits in with this first possible Security
: Council resolution, and the US may eventually go along with
: this to ensure the support of Russia, China, and France. For
: now, however, the US position remains unchanged and
: uncompromising.

: Murderous Intent
: Mr Fleischer even appeared to encourage the assassination
: of the Iraqi president when he said that the cost of one
: bullet would be a lot less than the cost of war. A reporter
: asked him if she understood him correctly:

: "I'm asking you if you intend to advocate, from that
: podium, that some Iraqi person put a bullet in his
: head?"

: "Regime change is welcome in whatever form that it
: takes."

: "So the answer is yes?"

: "Thank you. Regime change is welcome in whatever
: form it takes."

: No matter how uncompromising the US, one certainty in the
: evolving Iraq crisis is that the United Nations Security
: Council will never approve murder as a solution.

-- andreas
-- signature .

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