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Posted by andreas from ( on Friday, October 04, 2002 at 2:42PM :

In Reply to: I suppose this means posted by Lils from ? ( on Friday, October 04, 2002 at 1:51PM :

: You don't really read what I post, andreas, huh?

+++ Nothing be farer from me ! N-O-T-H-I-N-G
Fetch me a crucifix and a truckloard of onions!

: We're all short on time.

+++ Nevertheless: Nothing can and will ever prevent me from absorbing your spicey & envigorating messages and printing them out on extra memory cards to serve me as a moral and intellectual ammunition in the most difficult moments of my humble existence.

Coming around, however, to find myself any more spare time for writing a coherent answer meaningful enough to honour the depth of your messages, that's quite another thing (you're reading the proof right now).

And yes, sure, of course, I remember the content of your earlier posting but as it was running under a headline different from that in the Guardian, I was not quite sure where I had read it before and who had written/posted it ... and so I was quite desperate anyway for not knowing who to crown with the laurel wreath for brilliant "post-ureship".

Now, I feel relieved as you've helped me to find the truth and see the light.


I am indebted to you ...


It's really good to have now the names of the signatories of that statement/appeal as I had been searching but couldn't spot them anywhere.

Thank you.

-- andreas
-- signature .

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