Top 20 Reasons for not going to war

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Posted by andreas from ( on Sunday, October 06, 2002 at 5:57AM :

Every man seems to have his angle to perceive and judge from.

The following blanks out totally any compassion with the ordinary Iraqi people to be slaughtered in the upcoming Bushonian war.

But even from this narrower and egoistic perspective the author easily lists 20 reasons against a war, which shouldn't be dismissed lightly.
They simply have to be included & re-arranged in broader perspective.


Top 20 Reasons for not going to war

By J.Conti
Contributing Author

October 5, 2002

1. This war is not about "terrorism," it's about oil for the richest men in the world.

2. The war is part of the overall plan to create a New World Order under the direction and management of the same super-rich elite.

3. The colossal cost of the war will have to be absorbed by the people of America.

4. The continuing debt burden on Americans perpetuates a system of total and complete slavery to these super rich elite.

5. The enormous loss of life, both American and foreign is unacceptable!

6. The continued war against "terrorism" will continue to be the pretext by which more and more civil liberties are stolen from Americans.

7. The "handful" of individuals who stand to benefit the most from this war are mostly bankers from the dynastic banking families.
They have been consolidating most of the world assets in their hands by this very mechanism. They are also
the ones who have financed most world wars and want this war. The have been controlling the American Government
from behind the scenes as far back as 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act was passed!

8. Some of the dynastic banking families who stand to gain the most from this war are in fact major stockholders of the
Federal Reserve of the United States of America, a corporation that IS NOT part of the United States Government-one of
the most secretly guarded facts the American populace is totally unaware of.

9. America is not fighting this war for America! America is ultimately a FINANCIAL COLONY "owned" by the major stockholders
of the Federal Reserve. Most of them are not Americans!

10. This war will only contribute to the continued planned demise of America.

11. This war is the "smoke screen" of misdirection being used to prevent America from "seeing" what is being done to it!

12. America has been betrayed from every angle by the people we have trusted the most. The "mainstream" media, which is
largely owned by the same super-rich families has been an integral part of the betrayal.

13. There are no real facts validating this all out war effort!

14. 911 has not been investigated and the longer we wait the more difficult it will be.

15. Most of the "players" in this lethal game of death are in fact not players at all. They are but puppets of the secret ruling class
who are directing the real effort for world domination. The players themselves are UNAWARE of the real planners' game plan
and don't even remotely understand the ramifications of their actions. They are more preoccupied with profits!

16. If as Americans we allow ourselves to go to war, the catastrophic future that we will inherit will be our reward!

17. It's not an issue of "Muslims" against "Jews," or "Christians" against "Jews" for we are all one, and any teaching that teaches
otherwise is poisonous to us all. The real issue has a name! It's called NEW WORLD ORDER! The many different fronts are
all different faces of the same monster.

18. Our real enemy becomes plainly visible when we slow down to think with our own minds.

19. The real war we must fight is against our slavery and domination.

20. We have the constitutional and moral obligation to take action.

-- andreas
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