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Posted by Lils from ? ( on Monday, October 07, 2002 at 12:00PM :

Why is it that *I* get stuck w/ the neurotic crowd every place I go? Neurotic people everywhere... the slimey tentacles of their neuroses trying to pull me into their realities!!! Damn.

So, here's a story & a thought for the day. Stop me if I've told the story before... can't remember. The story is from my AP ("Advanced Placement," my ass) Gov't class in high school. I remember, the teacher was asking the class what people should do when, in battle, the flag bearer is wounded. All the kiss-asses in class dutifully raised their hands & said something along the lines of, "save the flag - make sure it doesn't fall." I was the ONLY kid who said, "save the flag bearer." The ass-kissers went berserk. They were practically screaming at me, calling me unpatriotic, while I was calmly asking them why they thought some lousy piece of cloth attached to a stick was more important than a human life... I even reminded them that the human that would be saved would be on "our" side, but nothing, I mean NOTHING, could stop their mouths from frothing.

& now, my thought of the day: When I think of flying, I'm not afraid of terrorists bringing the plane down. I'm afraid airplane malfunction due to inept mechanics who can't fix a damn thing & cheap-ass airline companies (even the major ones) who like to buy used, old planes rejected from European airline companies. THAT'S what scares me. Statistically speaking, I think that my fear is justified.

-- Lils
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