Eureka!!! BAN ME HANNAH!!!! I GOT IT!!!!!!!

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Posted by panch from ( on Monday, October 07, 2002 at 4:24PM :

FINALLY...Itīs been staring me in the face all this time and I couldnīt see it for the beard! Thanks guys for helping me figure it out...jeez how dense can I be.

You guys actually believe that all Muslims in Iraq are from Arabia! And why do you believe this...because Islam, the religion, CAME from Arabia. You refuse to believe that ANYONE in Iraq at the time of the Muslim Conquests, chose to become the point of a sword or not...therefore all Muslims in Iraq MUST be Arabian...and CANīT be Assyrian. AND...they MUST be foreigners who "donīt belong there".

My GOD! The sheer stupidity of that is GENIUS!

You next say that Christianity is the real religion of ALL ASSYRIANS...forgetting that Christianity too was a foreign import brought to us by the Jews and Christians of Israel...but you say that anyone who became Christian in Assyria or Iraq COULD NOT HAVE COME FROM ISRAEL...but HAD to be indigenous!!!! canīt say. Brilliant!

And it is THIS bit of silliness that has you demanding Assyria, or Iraq now, be given to its "indigenous" people...when what you mean is that you want it given to the converts to opposed to the converts to Islam. Iraq is in the hands of its indigenous clucks! Assyrians and Chaldeans and the rest of us.

And you say religion has NOTHING to do with it?

It turns out that Assyrians, who were the indigenous people to that region, for argumentīs sake...abandoned their indigenous religion, the religion of Ashur, for two variations of Judaism...and look what we did as Muslims and Christian Assyrians. Not only did much of early church history come from that region..but the glory days of Islam were right there in Baghdad and Ctesiphon. At one time Baghdad, designed and built by Assyrian craftsmen and artists and engineers, Assyrians who had either converted to Islam after having converted to Christianity...or had finally converted to Islam, for the first time... built the greatest city of the greatest civilization at that time.

Those were ASSYRIANS boys and girls...of course not "Arabs" from Arabia. What did they have besides mud huts and camels in Saudi? Islam swallowed and incorporated, some would say was conquered by, the glory of Persia...which had learned and taken so much from Assyria.

But you Christian boys donīt want to admit that...because ALL you have to show for it is some Church Fathers and even THEY were excomunicated.

Therefore...Iraq and that region before it was Iraq has ALWAYS BEEN just hasnīt been Christian for a long time...and THAT is why you insist that only Christians can be real Assyrians...because you have NO PART of any Assyria today...outside of Chicago...and you can HAVE that!

Your claim to an Assyria, based on your Christian rights is a nation can have one or several religions in it...look at any modern nation. Iraq has little in common with Arabia...Iraq is a secular Muslim state with no Grand Mufti or Ulema and no Sharia...they are not Wahabbis like the Saudis...they are Assyrians who chose you chose Christianity...

And for THAT you Christian Assyrians want to see them dead and the counrty poisoned.

I KNEW you rang hollow when you TALKED about being proud to be Assyrians and all that...and how you LOVED Assyria and wanted all the ruins SAVED but screw the people. I KNEW all these years at Federation conventions when these idiots tried to pass themselves off as patriots and workers and soldiers for Assyria, they were blowing smoke...trying to con us.

These guys are puny men who have visions of being given a country, of running one...of being given handouts by the Americans or British.

No self respecting Assyrian would use religion as an excuse to kill his own people...especially since ALL Assyrians today abandoned the religion that MADE them Assyrians...that was indigenous to that land.

Your claim to indigenous rights canīt use religion as a basis for anything...which is really what you intend. You canīt very well say Chriatianity as practised by Assyrians is the indigenous...what, PEOPLE of that land? Hell have to say indigenous RELIGION of that land, and you know it isnīt true and even YOU guys canīt be that dense. But when you say, "Assyrians are the indigenous people" are correct...only what you donīt say, and what you mean is that CHRISTIANS are the indigenous whatevers, and you know that isnīt true either. Thatīs why youīre at such pains to "prove" all Muslims in Iraq are from Arabia or wherever...rather than admit that Assyrians ARE IN IRAQ and always have been...that some took a foreign religion called Islam while others took a foreign religion named Christianity...and that you hate like hell that your RELIGION lost out because you were willing to BETRAY all ASSYRIANS to the cause of your foreign co-religionists, as you still are...and that what you are doing today is urging and paying America to go kill the ASSYRIANS OF IRAQ WHO HAPPENED TO SWITCH TO ISLAM...even if it means getting your OWN Christians killed.

THAT qualifies you as the worst possible examples of ANY kind of Assyrians...and the reason youīre so damn cowardly and idiotic about it is that you have been maintaining all along that it makes you the BEST KIND OF ASSYRIANS... can ban me now...I finally got it...jeez!!!

You people are despicable beyond words...but I will find them.

-- panch
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