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Posted by Tony from ( on Tuesday, October 08, 2002 at 1:13AM :

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26: Internationally Coordinated Day of Mass Action

Coordinated Action in Denmark

Coordinated Action in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Massive UK anti-war protest planned for September 28, 2002

More to come as we receive details

Dear Comrades & friends

9/5/2002--We are happy to announce that on Oct. 26th there will be a major ralley in Copenhagen organised by STOP TERRORKRIGEN (Stop the 'war on terror') and a broad coalition of forces as part of the international day of action to STOP THE WAR ON IRAQ BEFORE IT STARTS.

The 26th of October manifestation in Copenhagen will be a Demonstration in front of the US Embassy at 11 a.m, marching to the Danish Parliament, continuing the demonstration there at 13 p.m. - to be followed by a Peace Concert in front of the Parliament at 14 p.m. featuring some of the best known Danish bands, including THE SAVAGE ROSE (Annisette and Thomas Koppel).

Among the speakers will be members of parliament, artists/intellektuels, trade unionists, well known peace acitivists etc.

It is organised by the new coalition 'NO WAR AGAINST IRAQ' - including political parties and organisations, antiwar and solidarity initiatives, youth movements, trade unions etc.

The flyer with the call and preliminary program can be seen here (pdf)

The main demands of the demonstration: NO WAR AGAINST IRAQ

- No Danish participation or support for a war - military, political or economical

- That the Danish government - which at present chairs the European Union - work to make the EU oppose this war

- That the Danish government works to make the UN stop this illegal war.

This will be a national manifestation expected to attract thousand of protesters. There will be manifestations in at least two other Danish cities as well.

Comradely yours Klaus Riis Webmaster STOP TERRORKRIGEN (Stop the War on Terror)

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Day of Action 26th of October as proposed by Int. ANSWER (in Danish)


26 October: national demonstration against US Iraq war threat, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

On Saturday 26 October, there will be a big national demonstration against the war, planned by George W. Bush against Iraq. Place: city hall, Coolsingel, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. People will gather at 1 p.m.; the demonstration will start at 2 p.m. The two main slogans are: No war against Iraq; and: Not one man, not one woman, not one cent for the New War.Saturday 26 October is an international day of action for the peacemovement. Then, there will also be big demonstrations elsewhere, like in Washington, DC in the US (see )

26 October is the first birthday of the infamous so called "Patriot Act" of the Bush administration in the VS. That act, under the pretext of "war against terrorism", gravely attacks civil rights, both in general and especially of (real or perceived) Muslims or Arabs. Also in Rotterdam, the struggle for peace will be linked to the struggle for civil rights, especially in The Netherlands, and for refugees. At the meeting, called for by the Committee Rotterdam against the "New War", there were many representatives of peace organizations in other cities; of Iraqi, Iranian, Afghan refugees; and others. There is also co-operation with the Dutch national platform against the "New War"; see The Rotterdam organizing committee of the demonstration can be reached at phone [in The Netherlands] (0)10-4620852 or

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