the damning of Assyria

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Posted by pancho from ( on Tuesday, October 08, 2002 at 12:56PM :

What a funny spectacle...the United States attacks Iraq for no reason...gets the United Nations to back this unprovoked war...then gets their approval to starve the Assyrians of Iraq. I have an boys always say it is really Assyria, that you want "Assyria" back. Well okay...let's just change its name...if the Brits can do it and the Ottomans can do it...let's us Assyrians just DO IT!

So there we have ASSYRIA, filled with one cares of what religion or sex...and here is the entire world ganging up on Assyria...for the benefit of their age old enemies the Israelis, and for unholy oil profits for a few...and we have to be confronted with the spectacle of Assyrians who've gone over to the American side, cheering and shouting and helping pay for the destruction of Assyria, the murder by starvation and filth of over 600,000 Assyrian children...never mind their families...and these American Assyrians are maintaining in all seriousness that they love Assyria and Assyrians...but want an area carved out from its heart for area they will only get if someone, The United States, gives to them...for which they will be eternally beholding to America.

So, what are we really talking about here? Isn't this just a land grab to give the United States a second "Israel" in the MidEast? An ally it can arm and buy off and use...just as those infamous Levies were created by the Brits years ago? DOES anyone remember Simele? And will the children of these "friends" of America enjoy any kind of a life in an American colony surrounded by a sea of pissed as hell Assyrians, Kurds and other Muslims?

Who is selling out whom?

When the United States bombed water treatment facilties cutting off fresh water to the Assyrians in Assyria...the American Assyrians said nothing. When the United States bombed and destroyed sewage treatment plants n Assyria and disease and filth spread among the Assyrians, the American Assyrians said nothing. When the United States refused to allow medicine to be delivered in order to save the lives of Assyrian children, the Assyrian Americans said nothing. When schools were destroyed and jobs lost and factories bombed so that Assyrian children had no means of education and Assyrian parents lost wages and the ability to care for their Assyrian children in Assyria...Assyrian Americans said nothing...except that some little guy who heads an Assyrian American Federation sent a letter of support to the American president doing all of this.

Obviously something happens to people when they become seems your soul has to be left at the immigration office.

When the United States ruined the economy of Assyria so that desperate Assyrians were forced to sell their personal jewelry and treasures and then their national Assyrian treasures on the black markets of the world where the Israelis and Americans made another killing, Assyrian Americans said nothing. When ancient treasures had to be re-buried to protect them from American bombs and many were lost or destroyed or stolen, Assyrian Americans said nothing. When the Assyrians of Assyria had no clean water to drink or to bathe their Assyrian children with, the Assyrians of America said nothing. When, in desperation, the Assyrian government of Assyria decided it must build a dam to trap the decreasing waters in their rivers...water cut off by the Turkish allies of the Americans...THEN the Assyrians of America said something. THEN they condemned the harsh cruelty, the willful disregard for old stones...stones the Americans had been busliy bombing for years before with no protest from them...THEN they rose up in righteous fury and condemned the government of Assyria for daring to create a dam, " ON PURPOSE" on one of their own ancient if the bombing and starvation and denial of water to the Assyrians was all an accident of no consequence!!! It was only then that the Assyrians of America wanted to protest this "cruel" treatment of the rocks and history of Assyria...without once having complained of the cruel treatment of Assyrian children in Assyria in all those years. a final irony...the world is treated to the sight of strutting little Assyrian American peacocks...some who now come from Assyria itself to America and seek to urge on the final destruction of the Assyria they love so well.

Let's not forget that religion isn't important, that these are not religious forums. We are only concerned with the indigenous people of the land of BetNahrain, people we lump together under the one name of Assyrian...for the sake of argument. We don't care who else wants to rename our Assyria. To us it always was and always will be, Assyria. And its indigenous people...though they may choose to eat or dress people the world over have different customs and manners within one nation...all of these people in Assyria are Assyrians...and as such are dear to us and deserving of our support...lest this millenia old culture die out...through murder, neglect and treachery.

Then tell us...what would you...what would any nation...what would the people of any country call those of their own citizens and blood who go over to another country that has become the sworn enemy of their homeland...and help that enemy country attack and destroy their own cherished homelands? What would you call the people who help pay for that destruction...while at the same time they pay for the protection and support of the ancient enemies of their homlands? Ask the Americans what they call John Walker Lindh...ask them where they put him and what for. Ask the Brits or the Germans or the Russians what they would do to such people...hell, ask the Assyrians of Assyria what they would do to those of their own people who would do such a thing.

-- pancho
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