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Posted by pancho from ( on Tuesday, October 08, 2002 at 3:28PM : had to happen. Just as soon as I agreed that Iraq is really Assyria and that the people of Iraq are really Assyrians, and that we shouldnīt discuss it doesnīt matter who in Assyria is of which religion...they ban me.

JEEZ...I agreed with them too!

These people should be obvious by now. Not only arenīt they any kind of Assyrians or whatever they claim to be...they arenīt even any kind of Christians.

They have seized on religion as the Europeans did, as the excuse by which they could steal something...something that clearly doesnīt belong to them. In a long litany of posts condemning Arabs for intolerance and censorship...what does Hanna do? Guess.

These people are ignorant and backwards Christians of the worst sort...extremist fundamentalists as weīve been plagued with from all three religions for the last three decades...and look where itīs taking us.

These people WANT WAR...they want it badly because they are bullies or sidle up to bullies and hope to steal what isnīt theirs..only they canīt come out and say they use religion and human rights abuses as a pretext.

We HAVE to reject it because we all know damn well this will not lead to any kind of peace in the region.

The people of America do NOT need to squeeze the life and profits out of our homelands in order to drive to work...we could pay a fair price, as the rest of the world does and go about our business. It is a few oily men in control of our government who want to make all that money for themselves. Enron and the rest should have shown you all that they arenīt thinking about YOUR welfare.

It will be our sons and daughters who will pay the price...and just as happened after Vietnam...we will come to be disgusted with what we do now...and take it out on the soldiers who come home wounded some day...your children in other words.

Come on...wake UP!!!

-- pancho
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