Desperately Seeking Nimrod

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Posted by pancho from ( on Tuesday, October 08, 2002 at 4:02PM :

Running out of time. The first hearing is the 15th...I have to get whatever proof I can that process servers chased Nimrod all over Chicago. IŽve got letterhead stationery with NimrodŽs name and his title as Secretary General of the AUA on it...the same AUA whose workers now never heard of him. IŽll show that to the judge along with the sworn statements of two processs servers that they made fifty trips to his office only to have the staff say they never heard of him.

What a legacy he leaves himself...and so it goes with us...kissing ass in our Diapers.

TheyŽll send me what proof they have of "due dilligence" and IŽll try to convince the judge to have him ordered to appear anyway...they can do that when they have proof that the guy is just hiding out. You canŽt really do that because if you do is proof that you know you are being sought...and judges donŽt like playing games like that...and also it holds good in Illinois, as they want California to repect their procedures when the shoe is on the other Nimrod.

If for some reason I have to drop him from this suite...IŽm gonna sue the bastard in Illinois. There is no limiting statute because he is STILL refusing to write that letter and the Shumirum is being held up and my career ruined by what he has done and continues to do up to this day. The year did run out on what he did at the convention here in San Jose...but not in Illinois where he is still liable to a lawsuit.

Simple really...IŽll get a paralegal there to draft the suit and get them to start hunting him up all over again..eventually weŽll catch the cocksucker of Assyria...or he can just stay in hiding where he will do far less damage.

IŽve got Bejan and Golani...and some others...that will keep me busy enough. Nimrod. IŽll get in his hometown.

-- pancho
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