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Posted by panch from ( on Tuesday, October 08, 2002 at 4:39PM :

You must know how to contact people in Iraq...officials in charge of antiquities or digs and museums...even people reponsible for public art. I donīt think Saddam would do anything to ruffle Americaīs feathers too much...but in the north where the Kurds are protecting us...any chance?

This monument was paid for by Assyrians and Chaldeans in America and Europe...and we want to send it to the land she once ruled as a show of solidarity and support people to people...screw governments.

Let Nimrod and the Federation sue to stop it...let the press come and ask us what the hell this is all about....let them, and weīll tell them and then weīll send them to Hanna and Aprim just to drive the point home.

We are now living among all the nations of the earth...letīs not go backwards as the Jews were forced to do and try to have a country all over again...letīs use every country we are citizens of to begin to protect and promote our Heritage...and we more than any other people on earth should be convinced that in the IS Heritage...everything else rots and blows away...but Art remains true and meaningful for all time.

Come on...use that thing you do.

-- panch
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