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Posted by pancho from ( on Wednesday, October 09, 2002 at 12:15PM :

Israel's Gift To Ashur

It turns out that bethsuryoy is almost exclusively about religion. You can see them wrangling over silly distinctions, slamming various priests, delving into their sexual habits and pocketbooks, their liturgy, language etc. And whenever aina and beth mention Iraq you know they mean Islam. Religion is what this is all about...that's why I was just banned at beth...because I REFUSED to consider it any longer. I agreed that Iraq is Assyria...I agreed that the people there are Assyrians, and I agreed that we should leave religion out of it, Christianity AND Islam. I agreed that we should help Assyrians in Assyria and stop the genocide of Assyrian children...600,000 of them so far. Then they came on and said I was a traitor, that they hated me and that was it. You can't please some people.

Christianity and Islam came to BetNahrain to bedevil our people...and the three sisters from hell have the world on the edge of war with BetNahrain as ground zero. Saved us?

This reviling of Saddam and Baatehys and the support for the United States, the parroting of everything the CIA or FBI "reveals"...all of it is just one religion being pissed at another...and willing to see the entire game destroyed if one side can't "win". The United States wants oil...but our boys want blood...the blood of Muslims.

They are the kind of backwards people who would throw a daughter out of the family if she married a there are Muslims just as stupid on the other side. If you remove religion, any one of them, from the equation, you are left with the Assyrian and Chaldean people, and others, of BetNahrain, the Land Between The Rivers...killing each other over variants of a foreign import...religions that are neither of them indigenous to that region.

Our Christian fanatics are pissed at our Muslim fanatics...both of them low level Assyrians...and each is willing to call down destruction and murder on our homeland. For better or worse, Islam has been the religion of that region for 1300 years...and nothing any Christians do is going to change that...unless we murder them all, which our boys wouldn't mind...or barring that...get every Christian there "martyred"...their better sounding word for MURDERED.

Religion has been tearing that region apart for centuries, much to the satisfaction of the West, which has done all it can to foster these kinds of tribal hatreds because it destabilizes the region enough that it makes their job much easier. They started it with their fucking Missionaries...followed up by their shooting Marines...and they're still at it.

Hanna, "Ross", Aprim, Betwhatever, are all using religion as well, disguised as a concern for human rights and for the rocks of Ashur...but it isn't the way they make it seem. They always tell us of the Christian hurt by a Muslim..never the Muslims and Christians hurt by Christians, or the destruction done to those rocks by the West. It is SUCH a crock...this martyr bullshit they've been using as a tool all these years...meant to inflame us, get us babbling as they do and wanting bloody revenge.

Truth be told the people of Iraq are right when they say they are descended from the ancients...just that they chose a different religion and foreign language to speak. Our Assyrian youth in America also forget about being Assyrians and forget their Assyrian language in favor of English...where in Iraq they pick up Islam, forget they are Assyrian and speak Arabic. What's the big difference worth killing them over? They were influenced by Islam...another part of the population by Christianity earlier. Big deal. Only to our Christian boys it is the BIGGEST deal because they believe it is this fact that has kept them down in Iraq and the Mideast...and they ignore all the Christian Assyrians who've done quite well in the them traitors, naturally. Their excuse everywhere, and not just in Iraq, is that a Muslim kept them down...stole what was theirs...took that job they should have gotten...and they are STILL crying about it...even in America where NO Muslim has kept them down and they STILL haven't managed to do a damn thing AS Assyrians...OR Christians in a hundred years!

To the Muslim Assyrians of Iraq this requirement of our boys here that they have to "talk" about being Assyrians...has meant only one thing, dissention within and outside interference brought about by the Christian Assyrians who only seem to "talk" dirt about Muslims when they mention being Assyrian...never building anything positive...just broadcasting how evil and dirty Islam is. They have used their Assyrianism as an excuse and a means for spreading hatred of Muslims...naturally Muslim Assyrians don't ppreciate that kind of "Assyrianism".

If we continue this battle between Christianity and Islam...Assyrians everywhere will only be hurt. We have to really drop religion and that means not denigrating "Iraqis" as a code name meaning Muslims or Islam. There are certainly things wrong in there would be in any "Assyria" run by Peter and the boys. But this way of approaching the problem is only meant to make things much worse for Iraqis...that's why Peter and the boys support Sanctions and any kind of attack against Iraq...because they know it makes life more difficult, and like the CIA they blame all these difficulties on Saddam...meaning Islam...meaning Arabs. Their own private bogeymen. They are being used of course by any part of the American government that can benefit from the dumb clucks...and they'll be dumped when no longer really think anyone wants to give anything to Peter or the "Whacki Rabi from Iraqi"? And since it will be the Muslim Assyrians of Iraq who'll retaliate for this betrayal..Peter will cry to you all that this is PROOF of Muslim perfidy...and ignore the fact that he and the other clucks were set up by the United States government...and then dumped into Saddam's has happened already in just a few short years. These boys are stupid beyond belief...that's why they are all heavily into computers.

Two years ago when I first mentioned the problem with the Shumirum and how Nimrod was blocking it...Peter came on quickly to say that this issue didn't concern anyone else but me...that it was only a MONEY issue. I always wondered why till now...I mean I knew he was jealous of course...though again no one in America has stopped him from developing his "poetry"...but he STILL acts as if a Muslim somewhere made him write this awful stuff. But the larger issue about the Shumirum is that many Christian Assyrians like Peter don't WANT our Assyrian Heritage developed and given the proud recognition it desrves...for the same reason they don't want any of us living in peace with the Muslim Assyrians and others of Iraq...why they try their level best to make it hard for our people back home. They want it always to be known that Assyrian Christians are being PERSECUTED everywhere...and if we make a home for Ashur in America, or secure a decent and secure life for our people in will mean Peter and the rest of them no longer have an excuse for being what they are. They may be good at waiting tables and doing computer work for some company...but as Assyrians they are dismal failures...because there isn't a friggin thing ASSYRIAN they can do anywhere...bring to life in any way.

Peter imagines himself Minister of Art and Culture in a NEW Nimrod sees himself the ambassador to the United Staes from a NEW Iraq...our "Elder Statesman". They do...they REALLY do! I know it's as stupid as hell...but try having a converstaion with these people. Do you wonder why they write as they do..and do the things they do? Hanna will be Information can see how he's preparing himself.

The absolute WORST thing that could hapen to our Heritage, for Peter and the boys, is that it THRIVES and does excellently well...that young Assyrians grow up proud of their heritage and accept that the country that shelters it today is Iraq...a Muslim country...but one in which the Christian Assyrians can live in peace and harmony with their Muslim brothers and long as they and everyone else obey the laws of that country. isn't that what we all have to do in any country we live in?

Leave religion out of it from now on...Iraq is the modern name for BetNahrain...Uruk if you prefer. What does is matter what religions exist there...or what other languages people speak. They are all the descendants of Ashur. They don't have to TALK about it because they are busy DOING something about it. Iraq has contained the glory of Ashur, the glory of Christianity and the glory of Islam all within its narrow confines...My there more hallowed ground on this earth?

The only people left on earth who can save that region are us. Those living there can do little by themselves. As Che told American students to go back and tackle the real problem at its too must we stay here, and in Australia and Europe and begin to fight back at the greed that uses ignorance and bigotry to make people think it's alright to kill those people because they are Muslims and sit on oil. Those of us living in the West have to put aside these religious distinctions...not fall for the idea that Islam is a backward religion about virgins in heaven and the rest of that rot.

Whatever it is called today, Iraq is the modern name of Assyria and Babylonia. And the survivors in that region, continuously populated for thousands of years, need the help of their fellows. That's all that should matter to us.

-- pancho
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