The Importance Of Religion

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Posted by panch from ( on Wednesday, October 09, 2002 at 12:41PM :

It is very important in understanding what has been happening in Iraq. The church has been teaching that Muslims must be Arabs because Islam came from that every Muslim in the MidEast is a Arab...a usurper etc.

What the church fails to mention is that Christianity is also foreign to that region...that it came after...WAY after Ashur and Marduk...and, as it came from Israel, it could be argued that all Christians in Iraq are Israelis from Israel.

Their illogic states...and now we can FINALLY understand where these Aprims get their peculiar sense of "logic" from...that since Christianity came 700 years before Islam...that makes it somehow "indigenous".

All this hatred of Islam and anyone who turned Muslim has its source in this...thatīs also why the Christian Assyrians make such a fuss about being Assyrian...though they do nothing for the culture or Heritage...because thatīs the only way they have a shred of a claim to "prior rights" being there "first"...which of course they, as a RELIGION, were not! They canīt very well say Christianity is they take another tack...resurrect Ashur from where they dumped him and try to pass themselves off as ASSYRIANS...and of course any Muslims in Iraq, being "Arabs", by their weird defininition canīt be indigenous because Islam is from Arabia and on and on.

The only thing these "Assyians" have done in a century in America is build storefront churches...Christian churches.

Turns out the hatred flows from the Christians to the Muslims, because the Christians "lost" the country. All the hostility the Muslims of Iraq feel towards Christianity comes from this idea the Christians promote that only THEY have a right to the land, because of their ethnicity, when all the people there are ethnically mostly Assyrian, Chaldean and others...but what they really mean is that, "we are beter than you because we are Christians and since we are the only real and indigenous people have to GIVE us a CHRISTIAN COUNTRY...the fact that they use the name Assyrian is just a ruse.

Of course the Christians are also suspected because they are always ready to go over to the Western we can see they are at the same game again.

Generations of Assyrians have been convinced by their clergy that Islam is foreign and Christianity natural and right for Assyrians and that any Muslim Assyrian CANīT be Assyrian because he or she wont TALK a Christian talk. These are not the brightest bulbs we have...who else would not question this illogic...and it plays into their innate inferiority and gives them the perfect scapegoats they need to explain away their own personal shortcomings...and articles.

Thatīs why they banned me this time...their jig is up. They care nothing for the land of Ashur or have any interest in any culture or Heritage of the Assyrians and Chaldeans. They hate Islam and them all Arabs to make it even more odious, call everyone of us who works with the Muslims of OUR country a traitor...and will allow no Assyrians to really bring some real pride to this Heritage AS ASSYRIANS..and most of all they want NO cooperation or peace between ALL our people back home. Obviously this is not for the benefit of any Assyrians...except those their idiot clergy tell them are real Assyrians...meaning Christians.

To top it all off you have the spectacle before you of these people giving interviews and talking and shouting about how they are coming to get a country that belongs to matter who gets killed in the process...and even then they havenīt the balls to do anything but kiss Western Christian ass to get THAT!

No wonder they belittle anyone with the chance, brains and talent to get us wonder they reserve all their creativity for martyrfests and keep a sharp eye out for any instances of intolerance, towards Christian and by Muslims ONLY if you please, when they know more about bigotry and hatred than any ten Arabs anywhere. Of course they hate my guts! Of course they donīt want the standard of achievement raised for what it means to be wonder they make the criteria for being Assyrian how much a person TALKS...while they belittle what people want to DO about it.

These are the lowest of our low...where else would a Fred Aprim get the time of day and a Francis Sarguis be a journalist and Zinda a magazine? Where else but in a shoddy and slipshod "Assyria" of their infantile dreams?

-- panch
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