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Posted by pancho from ( on Wednesday, October 09, 2002 at 6:04PM :

Maybe it´s old news to the rest of you, but the realization that the people in Iraq are Assyrians all...regardless of religion or other recent cultural influences struck me hard. It explains so much that was a puzzle before...for someone who´s been dealing with the leadership and other heroes of this nayshun for twenty years.

The people over here who agitate for war and destruction in Iraq obviously have no interest in Assyrians or their art and Heritage and treasures. I certainly have felt it in their hostility towards my art...which is OUR art.

You almost HAVE to be stupid to believe as they do...and once you understand that, their actions are no longer surprising or baffling..,.they now make perfect sense.

Assyrians wouldn´t act this way...but envious and petty Christian sore losers would...especially if they´ve sunk so low as to kiss up to their fellow Christians and beg them to attack the country and kill the people there...the Assyrian people there.

-- pancho
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