Nimrod Where Are You?

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Posted by pancho from ( on Wednesday, October 09, 2002 at 6:16PM :

You know...I all of a sudden donīt want him included in this lawsuit. Iīve got enough on my hands with Golani, Bejan...ahem, and the rest of the Gang Of Six.

I like the idea of Senator General Secretary John Christ Nimrod on the run in Chicago...hiding under his desk...sneaking into his Wurld Hindquarters through the basement by the alleyway...or just staying home. I mean just what exactly did anyone need him for? Iīm sure he has an underground bunker in his yard from which he can direct the affairs of Assyria. Either he sleeps at his desk or gabs on the phone. He can still grab those red eye, red light flights to Geneva.

If for some reason the judge decides we havenīt been dilligent enough...Iīll drop him from the suit...and that same week Iīll file a suit in Chicago against him for obstructing the Shumirum...and Iīll include the Federation again because they stopped me from circulating the petition at their convention in Chicago. Seems to me they were weird and derelict because they gave $10,000 to the Shumirum...and it wasnīt their money it was OURS. Just as Jackie lived it up in her suite at the Doubletree on our dime...not hers.

I wonder...anyone know any paralegals in the Chicago area? We could keep Nimrod on the run for some time. And Iīll have a copy of the papers with me at all times...and when I see that rat bastard in California...Iīll get the person next to me to hand them to him and heīll be caught. One way or the other John...itīs time to pay the piper.

My Mommy taught me never to respect people because of their age or position or wealth or status...but to look into them and see if they were worthy. Our boys here demand respect...think that by putting lace on their shit that it donīt stink any more. They know damn well they donīt merit any respect based on what they actually they want it anyway because they didnīt die young. So that was an unfortunate need to compound the damage.

-- pancho
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