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Posted by pancho from ( on Wednesday, October 09, 2002 at 6:52PM :

***Okay, they spell it differently, so do our boys...but they pay tribute to the Ashourians...they say it was glorious and they admit it is a part of the history of modern where´s the crime? Just what are the boys talking about when they say Saddam is making it all ARAB history?

***Would people who take this much care and trouble with their antiquities, who try to be fair when they could be pissed as hell at Christianity, as our boys are against Islam, and obviously revere their history, WANTONLY ruin ruins...or is the United States the one bombing them back to the stone age?

***Also, on the can see images from Assyrian art and history, together with mosques, miniatures AND a cross! So where´s the reason they all deserve to die? Christianity is obviously a part of the history of Iraq...and remember, they allow churches where I doubt our boys would tolerate a mosque. Hell...they can´t tolerate ME!

***Unfortunately there isn´t any way to reach them...or get to any official...any ideas?

City Of Nemrowed
City Of Nemrowed or as many books call it (Kallhow) lies on the confluence of two rivers they are: (Zab Al-A’ala (upper) and tigress) 35 km. South Musol.
City Of Nemrowed is like a sequare surrounded by an eight km. long fence supported with defensive towers at its southern corner lies Nemrowed hill. Many palaces and ashorian temples are found during excavations. At its eastern corner lies A’azer hill, a palace and a tower belong to ashorian king Shelmunser III (859-824 BC.) and were called Shelmunser’s palace and tower.

City Of Nemrowed was an important center of the Ashorian Empire since king Shelmunser I (1373-1244 BC.). It was neglected until it was rolled by Ashore Naser Baal II (883-859 BC.). He established many buildings and palaces among them the west-southern palace, he also rebuilds (Nabow) temple and maintained its zaqurates, the most important Nemrowed zequrate, which is the biggest, remained one from Ashourian era.

Many foreign and local missions continued to the city and discovered many antiques inside towers, temples and palaces that were transformed to the world museums like winged bulls. In Iraqi museum are still some ruins displayed.

Many winged bulls and stony sculptures that design the ashhourian palaces have been maintained. It was famous also by ivories which were discovered which were apart of the royal furniture decorating palaces and temples among these distinctive ivories a picture of a smiled girl as monalyza’s face which was named (monalyza of Nemrowed) by the famous narrator Agatha Christie. It was also found three treasures contained many odds of the ancient arts tells Ashourian Empire achievements and the glory of this immortal city.

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