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Posted by Tony from ( on Wednesday, October 09, 2002 at 7:21PM :

A Report on United States War Crimes Against Iraq to the Commission of Inquiry for the International War Crimes Tribunal

by Ramsey Clark and Others

Table of Contents from the print edition
Not including the WWW Index or Introduction
Preface and Acknowledgements
The Tribunal's Final Judgment, February 29, 1992

Part One: The Charges
Initial Complaint Charging George Bush, J. Danforth Quayle, James Baker, Richard Cheney, William Webster, Colin Powell, Norman Schwarzkopf and Others to be Named with Crimes Against Peace, War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity
Part Two: The Basis in International Law
Why an Inquiry / Sara Flounders
The Legal and Moral Basis for an International War Crimes Tribunal / Ramsey Clark
International Law and War Crimes / Michael Ratner
War Crimes Committed Against the People of Iraq / Francis Kelly
Part Three: Testimony and Evidence
Provoking Iraq / Gautam Biswas and Tony Murphy
U.S. Conspiracy to Initiate the War Against Iraq / Brian Becker
The Myth of Surgical Bombing in the Gulf War / Paul Walker
The Massacre of Withdrawing Soldiers on "The Highway of Death" / Joyce Chediac
The Effects of the War on Health Care in Iraq / David Levinson
The Impact of Sanctions on Baghdad's Children's Hospital / Ann Montgomery
The Impact of the War on Iraqi Society / Adeeb Abed and Gavrielle Gemma
Eyewitness Interviews
Crimes Against Egyptian and Palestinian Civilians in Iraq / Mustafa El Bakri
Waging War on Civilization / Fadwa El Guindi
The Attack on the Women's Peace Ship / E. Faye Williams
The Truth Behind Economic Sanctions: Report on the Embargo of Food and Medicines / Eric Hoskins
Part Four: The New World Order
The New World Order: What It Is and How to Fight It / Monica Moorehead
The Demonization of Saddam Hussein: A Violation of the UN Convention Against Racism / Esmeralda Brown
The Impact of the Gulf War on Women and Children / Nawal El Saadawi
The Continuing War and the Kurds / Ali Azad
Government Attacks and Violence Against Arab People / Neal Saad
The Gulf War: A Crime Against the Peoples of Africa and Asia / Karen Talbot
Yemen: A Victim of the Bribery and Corruption of the UN / Abdel Hameed Noaman
Expulsion of Guest Workers and the Impact on Africa / M. A. Samad-Matias
Palestine and the Gulf War / Houda Gazalwin
The Harsh Government Prosecution of Military Resisters / William Kunstler
The Old World Order and the Causes of the Gulf War / Tony Benn
Appendix A: International Law
Selections from the Geneva Conventions
Selections from the Principles of the Nuremberg Tribunals
Selections from the United Nations Charter
Appendix B: Background Documents for the Tribunal
The Announcement of the Formation of a Commission of Inquiry
A Letter to Javier Perez de Cuellar / Ramsey Clark
A Letter to Claiborne Pell / Ramsey Clark
Selections from The Report to the Secretary General on Humanitarian Needs in Kuwait and Iraq / Martti Ahtisaari
H.Res. 86: A Motion to Impeach George Bush / Henry Gonzalez
H.Res. 180: A Resolution to Lift the Economic Embargo on Iraq / Henry Gonzalez
The April Glaspie Connection
Appendix C: International Tribunals
Report from Belgium
Report from Turkey
Report from East Asia

Copyright 1992 by The Commission of Inquiry for the International War Crimes Tribunal

-- Tony
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