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Posted by panch from ( on Thursday, October 10, 2002 at 10:46PM :

++++He posted this somewhere safe...somewhere no one would argue with him...somewhere he also could write about my children...this is an Assyrian?

There is a good chance that Assyrians will lose very dearly in the
coming months because we refuse to mature politically and understand why
certain things are happening.

++++Oh comes "mature".

Questionable and well-planned propaganda directed at various aspects of
the Assyrians' essence have been spreading around so very carefully in
the last decade as the vision for a better Iraq began to clear up on the
international scene.

+++Iraq was just fine up to 1980...that's when the Reagan administration started the Iran Iraq war...the rest is dismal, illegal and immoral history. This hasn't been America for some time...these have been wealthy individuals buying politics and getting as a bonus the meanest fighting machine ever invented. And it's bringing violence right back to us.

There are first these attempts to show that
Assyrians are not solely Christians!

+++Of course they aren't the only Assyrians. Talk about mature illogic. What in heavens name could convince any rational person that all Assyrians are ONLY Christians.

I think that we have no time to
waste on assumptions

+++Of course not...why should you when you remove any chance of discourse or open dissent...very UN-Assyrian of you.

that MAY BE some imaginative Buddhists would desire
to be called ethnically Assyrian when we do not have any Buddhists at
this time claiming so publicly themselves!

+++YOU are claiming to be Assyrian without a single shred of evidence...except YOUR belief...pretty imaginative of you.

And we have bunch of
opportunists who have created phony organizations that had presented no
solutions and accomplished nothing sensible that Assyrians could truly
benefit from except for the usual empty declarations and proclamations
that look good on paper.

+++Yours don't even LOOK good on paper.

Additionally, we have bunch of morons and few
agents of the Kurds and Iraqi Ba'ath regime telling world officials what
is OK and what is not for Assyrians of Iraq when the Assyrian public has
not given them the authority to speak on their behalf. We have a new
proclaimed tribal malik sitting in Baghdad who has learned his ways from
both his father and grandfather insisting on going ahead with the
so-called Assyrian Supreme Committee in Baghdad to represent every
Assyrian in the world who has an Iraqi background. Furthermore, other
fellows have negotiated with Baghdad and Arbil on creating new
alternative names for the Assyrians. Lastly but not least, one fellow
who represents few families in north Iraq is being pushed by the Kurds
and mainly the KDP to be part of the Iraqi Opposition Group, obviously
to challenge the ADM when needed. And one cannot forget about those
others who are building various groups under religious Christian titles
in north of Iraq confusing everybody in the west and confusing Assyrians
themselves regarding who is who!

+++The Assyrians and the Babylonians, Hurrians, Mittanis and Chaldeans and all others are all together the ancestors of the Iraqis. Iraq is the name of a country...not a religion or ethnic group...just a national name of the modern country that covers what was once the Assyrian, and others', homelands.

+++Assyria ended as a country 2600 years ago. The Assyrians of today live in Iraq...if some of you could turn Christian...others can turn Muslim...where's the big mystery...except that you Christians hate Muslims for beating you out for control of the governments in the MidEast...tough titties...that hardly gives us the right to urge the murder of Iraqi people.

+++It is only significant to YOU that people "talk" about being Assyrian...because ALL you do is talk about being Assyrian...every chance you get you ACT like a skunk.

Have we ever thought why all is? Be aware of the consequences! It seems
that we are, yet again, failing to learn from our near past history. It
does not take much intelligence to understand that we Assyrians have but
one option in order to protect our rights in our ancestral homeland and
that is to rally under the one national name Assyrian and under one

+++We are doing that...the name is Iraq...there hasn't been any Assyria for 2600 years...the lease expired long ago. You guys insist Assyrians are Christians...and ONLY Christians...where do you get off passing that gas...which one of you has ever been able to prove such a thing...or even make a coherent argument for just say, " I KNOW". Come on.

We have no time to waste; Assyrians must stand to decide their
fate on their own. All Assyrians must denounce any attempt by our
neighbors to meddle in our national affairs.

+++You have no national one is meddling in Iraq except the United States, with YOUR help. I am Assyrian and Iraqi and I resent your implication that Iraq is somehow illigitimate...YOU are the ones siding with a country making war on Iraq...and you wonder why you are roundly hated...but you aren't even are CHRISTIAN from wherever. The Iraqi people have the only legitimate claim to being the guardians of the lands of Ashur...which for 1300 years since the birth of Jesus...and 2600 years after the fall of Nineveh...has been home to the glorious Abbassid of the most refined cultures ever. What the hell are you talking about. Change Diapers!!!

We must question and
denounce strongly the Kurds and Arabs devious methods of exploiting the
Assyrians' Christian diversity.

+++It is the Western Christian missionaries who divided us...we are unified in Iraq and you HATE IT!

Lets differentiate between those who
want our progress from those who want our demise. Let's not judge people
and organizations by what they say rather by what they do. Lets examine
every organization records and every person's history carefully and
judge accordingly; otherwise, and as I see it today through what is

+++Blah Blah Blah...geez you say nothing a lot.

-- panch
-- signature .

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