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Posted by panch from pool0021.cvx20-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Friday, October 11, 2002 at 7:42AM :

The government of this country has been at war with its own citizens for some time now. We are the first victims of war. Americans have been under attack for years...War on Crime, War On Drugs...and this violence thing...we follow the government's lead...pre-emptive strikes against our fellow citizens who might terrorize us one day.

I like the image of Americans ducking and covering on their way to shop or to work...welcome to Sarajevo. Turns out those nuclear test drills we had in the 50's will come in handy in this century...only we'll dive under our desks to escape our own citizens...not a Russian bomb.

This religion business has gotten out of hand. The Religious Right combines an asshole political movement with insane religious beliefs that actually look forward to a final confrontation...Jesus can't come until we're up to our chins in blood...how's that for a religion of love and peace? That Muslim they arrested in Chicago for supposedly funneling money to terrorists overseas...they made a point of saying they aren't after those who donated in "good faith". Not this year they aren't...but we know from Commie Hunting days that this will be the next step...getting the "sympathizers".

You guys are in on the beginning of a major shift in American Life...one you can't see in its totality right now. We are handing over control of our own lives because it seems easier that way...we've been groomed and prepared to do this for years now. In America it has been possible to live as if the normal rules of human decency don't apply...we've actively benefitted from the infliction of so much misery round the wrold...sort of like the brats of the plantation owners in the South...and now we'd rather not be bothered thinking about anything.

But the final victim will be us...not the Iraqis. It's like girls are so much stronger because they have to learn hard lessons at an early age...whereas brother see his balls as a ticket to stardom and the easy life.

We will teach survival skills and fierce life skills to the Iraqis and other Muslims our Christians want dead...the Chrisians want them dead on moral grounds...our business Christians want their corpses...petroleum futures.

It's all quite insane...rest assured. We are living in a pretty padded cell...one built on top of some of the finest principles ever enunciated for human dignity and Liberty...but that was then.

We were bought off cheap...and we will pay the price for it. You never really get away with the sorts of crimes our Bussiness Leaders are contemplating. Lenin was right...capitalism will finally supply the rope for its own hanging...if it can make a buck on the rope.

-- panch
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