The Shameless Sons of Bitches

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Posted by panch from ( on Friday, October 11, 2002 at 9:27AM :

Those of our own cozying up to the United States. Imagine what the US would do to Americans living in Muslim countries participating in an "opposition". John Walker Lindh is nothing compared to the Whaki Rabi from Iraqi.

This sort of thing is what has made life so difficult and downright dangerous for those of us wishing to live in peace in our ancestral homelands...these fellows who trumpet about how Assyrian they they are working for the same time they betray the nation that contains Assyria today.

Muslims can never know when a Christian Assyrian wont be lured by promises of his VERY OWN COUNTRY...their own Muslim people can be traitors as well of course...but there is definitely a predisposition within the Christian Assyrian community to go over for the goodies...hell we did once already big time...why not again?

And if Iraq retaliates...and they are within every legal right and precedent if they do...especially as the United States leads the way in ignoring the UN Charter and Nuremburg...then what will these patriots say? They'll call Saddam a butcher forgetting they offered him the necks of others...they'll be safe in "exile" by then.

We never learn...and we're proud of it...NEVER FORGET, they say, when we NEVER LEARNED in the first place.

-- panch
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